There are so many conversations that I want to have with you, so I decided to reach out to some of you and make it happen! For the next few weeks, you’ll hear On Air with Ella listeners ask me the questions that are on your mind. Thanks, Patreon supporters for volunteering to be my sidekicks!

What We Talk About 

    • My favorite tips from the past 160 shows
    • Imposter Syndrome and how it holds us back from pursuing our dreams
    • My professional background and how I got here
    • Health at ANY size?
    • My engagement story 🙂
    • My guilty pleasures
    • What’s on my NEVER list?
    • How often do I really work out?

Episodes Mentioned

Here are some of the episodes that we reference – go back and take another listen!

And For Next Time…

Send me your questions for my next Q&A episode. You can connect with me here, or leave a voicemail. For real! Just click on that button over there on the right – the one that says -> RECORD A MESSAGE.


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