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Live Better. Start Now.

This show is for anyone who wants to feel better, look better, live better and have some fun along the way. We’re talking to experts all over the world on wellness, personal growth, real food nutrition, mindset, confidence, relationships…anything that helps us get more out of life now

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My Story.

You can do AMAZING, BRILLIANT things. You can have CONFIDENCE and VITALITY. You can move through this life with POWER and let that light SHINE, baby. 

To me, the secret is in the baby steps. It’s in taking action EVERY SINGLE DAY toward BETTER. (Note that I did not say PERFECT. Perfect is hilarious. Perfect belongs on Pinterest, but not in real life. 


Let’s determine success AS YOU DEFINE IT, and let’s work toward that success in big and small ways every damn day. Because we have that power.