Is Moderation Possible?

Ok, I struggle with this, I really do. To me, abstinence from some foods does seem so much easier than moderating my intake – especially with trigger foods like sugar, nut butters and other items on my list. But, sometimes my “food rules” send me spiraling into what today’s guest calls the “What the Hell” effect. For me, it looks something like this:

  • I’m hungry or I want something to eat   (there’s a difference!)
  • I can’t eat that, because it’s not on my ‘good’ list
  • I’ll eat this, this and this instead.
  • Dammit, I still want that.
  • I eat that.
  • I’m terrible. What a failure. I think I’ll eat something since I’m already a total loss. 
  • Repeat.

Have you ever been there? Jill Coleman has, and today she’s telling us how she got off the merry-go-round of deprivation, food rules, cravings, binges and all the noise and found a place of balance. 

Jill Coleman

What We Talk About: 

  1. Offensive strategies to prevent binge eating
  2. The critical role of mindfulness in eating — and why we avoid it
  3. Exposure Therapy – how not restricting might eventually lead to not needing to
  4. Moderation is a concept that I struggle with. Jill used to, but not any more….how Jill moved from deprivation and binge eating to moderation 365 days a year (and looks and feels consistently amazing)
  5. The dangers of the “what the hell” effect 
  6. The power of the PAUSE
  7. Where to start with exposure therapy and moderation 
  8. Leveraging the power of DNCs (Daily Nutritional Commitments) that are:
    • Effortless
    • Enjoyable
    • Effective for your goals

Resources Mentioned:

Jill’s best blogs/tips, including:

About Jill

Jill Coleman

Jill Coleman

Jill Coleman, is a co-founder of Metabolic Effect and creator and owner of JillFit Physiques.  Here’s more about her approach, in her own words:

It was in 2011, 6 months after starting that I finally had the courage to try a new, more moderate way of doing things. I stopped the incessant food prep and obsession. I quit the relentless meal plan following. I started looking inward and trusting myself more. I started listening to my body more. I stopped following coaches and experts. And I finally had the courage to break the yo-yo cycle. The answer for me was in the gray. No more negative self-talk. No more all-or-nothing eating. No more hard & fast rules.

The outcome was not only effective, but completely liberating. And now it is my mission and my passion to teach other women how to break that cycle. To start fully owning their process. To start working on their mind game so that they can create a life they love. This includes all aspects: mindset, physique and even business.

Since 2012, JillFit has morphed into a lifestyle company helping women become freer, smarter, happier and more effective. And to me, that’s everything.

Connect with Jill via her website or Facebook page.

What are YOUR Daily Nutritional Commitments?

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