122: A real cure for bloating? Dr Ken Brown

Ken Brown

Is this a real cure for bloating? **GIVEAWAY DETAILS BELOW!**

Dr. Ken Brown continues our discussion on gut health by sharing what he’s discovered about bloating and how to solve it – at least for ~87% of the people he’s worked with to date…

“We now know that bacteria can enter the upper GI tract and begin to grow through a triggering event that causes stress to the body, such as illness, trauma or even certain foods. When a person experiences one of these stressful events, the body’s ability to move partially digested food quickly from the stomach to the upper GI tract is compromised. Trapped bacteria in the upper GI tract begin to feed off starches and produce hydrogen, which then sets up an environment for the unwanted bacteria to feed and produce methane gas. This gas causes bloating, abdominal discomfort and potentially a change in bowel habits—constipation, diarrhea or both.” – Dr. Ken Brown

What We Talk About:

  • What causes bloating?
  • What is SIBO?
  • Why don’t pharmaceuticals (eg Xifaxin) work for most people for the long term?
  • How are bloating, gas production and leaky gut related?
  • Why do some of us have worse gut symptoms the CLEANER we eat? (aaargh!)
  • Where his botanical solution – aka nutraceutical – Atrantil originated, and how it works 

A Solution? 

Dr. Kenneth Brown and scientist Brandi Scott-Hoy created Atrantíl based on their understanding of how its three main natural botanicals would work together to relieve bloating and abdominal discomfort accompanied by diarrhea, constipation or both. And to determine if their formula was more than just a good idea, they conducted two clinical studies. Learn more here.

[NOTE: these are not “affiliate links” – Atrantil is not a sponsor of the show. If this ever changes, I’ll let you know.]

Recommended Dosage (per Dr. Brown):

1. For people that have daily issues with bloating (SIBO), begin with 2 caps – taken with 3 meals (6 caps per day)
2. When and only when a person notices some relief compared to “the norm,” attempt reducing dosage to 2 caps twice daily, but find a dose and frequency which doesn’t compromise the new found relief
3. Maintenance dose is where those of us that had problems (me included) but continue to eat food in a country with tons of glyphosate (still me!), take 2 capsules once daily and if necessary add a cap or two with a meal that is known to trigger bloating etc.
4. Occasional bloaters can just dose as needed with meals that cause them bloating (beer pizza etc)
NOTE: skip probiotics while taking Arantil in the healing phase.
If you’re going to try this botanical product, please read these FAQs


GIVEAWAY  GIVEAWAY  GIVEAWAY! Through August 4th 2017

Remember that time I asked my guest live, on the air if he would give me a bunch of free product to giveaway to my listeners? YEA, THAT HAPPENED. How great is Dr. Ken Brown that he said HELL YES and is sending me a box of samples to share with you (!!).


I will mail samples to TEN winners anywhere in the world – this will be enough to try Atrantil for 30-45 days. I’m going to try it, too. (FYI, I’ll be taking Atrantil AND continue my new RESTORE supplement that Dr. Zach Bush recommended.) Of course, I’ll have Dr. Brown back on the air to answer questions after the “trial” period. 

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PS – Dr. Ken is a medical doctor, but he’s not your doctor. I’m not a doctor or your health practitioner. You might want to talk to whomever you trust with your health care before starting a new supplement or treatment.

About Dr. Ken Brown

Dr. Ken Brown received his medical degree from the University of Nebraska Medical School, and completed his fellowship in Gastroenterology in San Antonio Texas. He is a board certified gastroenterologist and has been in practice for the past 15 years with a clinical focus on inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome.
For the last 10 years he has been conducting clinical research for various pharmacologic companies. During this time, he saw the unmet need for something natural that could help his IBS patients find real relief. After working on the development of Atrantil for over 6 years Atrantil launched in the summer of 2015. Dr. Brown and his research team developed Atrantil with the intent of helping those suffering from the symptoms of IBS which we now know are caused by bacterial overgrowth.



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  1. Michelle

    I Just wanted to say my first time with Podcasts has been with yours. And I really enjoy this new World🤗
    If you haven’t already I’m a 44 year old mom and just got remarried. New Hubby never had been married before so he has no babies. We are Trying To Conceive (TTC). There are Sooo many ways, but we are still trying the natural way. We are middle class and can’t afford the artificial insemination but women have been paying $50k+++.
    Just a thought for a podcast!
    Thank you!!

    • Admin

      Wow, Michelle, thank you and WOW to your story. What’s amazing is that there are now so many resources for you in this journey. There are definitely podcasts galore re: fertility. I am about to start a “women’s body literacy” series – maybe we can work this in there. GOOD LUCK TO YOU! xx

  2. Anna

    Loved this episode and I actually ordered the product! I may no remember correctly, but did he say we are to limit carbohydrates when starting this product for the best results?

    thank you!

    • Admin

      Hi Anna, I hope it’s useful for you. I’m enjoying the trial period so far…the keys are to NOT do probiotics and gluten, dial way back on dairy and yes – he says a more ketogenic diet will give better/faster results, but FYI I am NOT doing that. I am eating fairly normally! good luck xx

  3. Andrea

    Loved this informative podcast. Thank you! Question… if you do have relief after using this and cut back to 2 a day towards the end of the bottle, is this a product that you will need to take indefinitely because your body becomes dependent on the presence of the herbs to control symptoms? That is my concern. How long is the expection in taking this when you see results? #startwhereyouare

    • Ella

      Andrea, great questions. Instead of offering my opinion, I’ve reached out to the Atrantil team and will post their reply. Watch this space! 🙂 xoxo

    • Ella

      OK, Andrea, here’s what the Atrantil team said!
      “Very good question, I’ll attempt to do it justice by being a little long, but comprehensive.
      The problem is that from person to person, we can only guess as to the reason that someone is suddenly experiencing bloating, or why they may have had bloating for such a long time, or why only certain foods really “bring it on”. There is at least a mechanism that has allowed the small bowel to let archaebacteria move in , unchecked. It could be a single stressful event or a stressful lifestyle, which lowers immunity response and cannot keep up with unwanted pathogens. It may be an abdominal surgery in the past has allowed a small adhesion to form, which can physically alter the performance of the valve between the colon and the small bowel, where the archaebacteria are then allowed to move in. Possibly the sufferer is taking any variety of antacids and the lack of enough gastric acid is not addressing the bacteria efficiently as they enter the body. It could be any of these scenarios or more.

      So let’s talk about what Atrantil is doing: Atrantil is delivering a natural blend of polyphenols, that are not denatured by gastric acid or pancreatic enzymes, and it is effectively fighting off the methane producers directly. How long someone needs to take Atrantil depends upon many factors. Why do they have SIBO? (see above), what is their diet?, was leaky gut from contaminated foods a player?, on and on. Becoming dependent on Atrantil is actually a misnomer. We as a society should have been eating better in the first place. Our food supply and the chemicals and methods used to produce these industrialized yields has played a serious part in creating all of this intestinal troubles that we are having. Atrantil is a piece of the answer to help our bodies function far more normally than they can alone, by delivering a natural polyphenol which works throughout the small bowel.

      Once a person feels better, they can definitely try maintenance for a while and there have been people that have stopped taking Atrantil without symptoms returning. But if those symptoms do return, it isn’t a dependence on Atrantil, rather the gut is being assaulted again and needs help.”

  4. SMarie

    HI Ella! I really enjoy your podcast and your enthusiasm with everything you share! I’m not that social media saavy so shared a few of your podcasts but am not sure how you find out about that…? As so many people are, I’m interested in the atrantil (I had a colleague come up to me yesterday, rub my belly, and ask if I was expecting….I’m not and wish I were which makes it even worse)

    Also, just wondering if you are looking for more topics to cover…if so, Nicola Rinaldi wrote a book about hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA) which is a little known and yet tremendously impacting disorder that affects women’s fertility. She’s brilliant and would make a great person to interview. I wonder if HA might affect some of your listeners since its usually prevalent among the health conscious.

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Ella

      NO WAY!!! That is awful. Well, you’re in good company 😉 Thanks for sharing the show. If you can’t tag @onairwithella or take a screen shot, just let us know where you shared it – you can shoot us an email at contact @ onairwithella . com so we have your name 🙂 [no spaces in the email address, of course]
      Thanks for the tip! We’ll check out Nicola – you’re right – important topic! xoxo Ella