Dietary Fat: Friend or Foe?

Leanne Vogel gets me all torqued up over the hight fat, low carb eating lifestyle. You know that I just CANNOT live without my veggies and carbs, but truly I do better, feel better, etc when I take it easy on the starchy carbs, sugars and even fruits (waaaahhhhhh). So, I keep looking for an eating lifestyle that “fits” and that isn’t impossible for me to adhere to. The high-protein, super low carb thing just does NOT fit for me. Enter Leanne. She is showing me that the answer is in the fat loss friendly FATS. That’s right. She is all about becoming a fat burning machine, and in this episode, she’s telling us how. 

What We Talk About

    • The difference between dietary fat and body fat
    • How Leanne regulated hormonal imbalances through increased fat consumption
    • Why “going keto” isn’t right for everyone
    • Can you do “plant-based keto?” The debate continues…
    • Carb-Ups!! How and when they work for you.
    • The benefits of collagen (or gelatin) can play in a (mostly) plant-based diet. Her favorites are Vital Proteins Pasture-Raised Collagen Peptides and Vital Proteins Pasture-Raised Beef Gelatin
    • Why “bulletproof coffee” (or fatty coffee) may not work so well for everyone and why her Rocket Fuel Latte with cacao butter may be the better option
    • Leanne’s truly awesome book, The Keto Diet – it is SO MUCH MORE than recipes. It is a complete (4-pound!!) guide to moving toward a lower-carb eating lifestyle. It’s seriously the best book on this topic that I have ever read (and it’s entirely possible that I have read them all). Check out the table of content on Amazon’s preview feature here.


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About Leanne

Leanne Vogel is the founder of Healthful Pursuit, best-selling author of over 11 health programs, host of The Keto Diet Podcast, author of the bestselling paperback, The Keto Diet, and the creator of Fat Fueled living – a holistic, paleo- friendly approach to a ketogenic, high-fat diet. She has been in the field of nutrition since receiving her holistic nutrition certification in 2007. Leanne shares free videos, podcasts, recipes and keto-friendly resources on her blog,

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