Join Ella in learning all about Intermittent Fasting from the expert, Dr. Sara Solomon

Intermittent Fasting: Eating one's daily intake of food in a condensed time 
frame to allow the body greater periods of rest, recovery and potential for fat burning.

Dr. Sara Solomon wrote the book on Intermittent Fasting – actually, make that “books.” Sara is talking to us about the “dos” and the “dont’s,” of intermittent fasting, what works for her, and what might work for you to increase fast loss, reduce craving and enhance performance (among other things). 

What We Talk About:

  • Why Ella was scared to do this episode
  • What is intermittent fasting (IF)?
  • Who should NOT do intermittent fasting?
  • Who should try IF?
  • What are some of the different versions of intermittent fasting?
  • Why does it work?
  • Do you have to eat in a condensed window every day?
  • What are some of the benefits beyond fat loss?
  • Does what time you work out matter?
  • What do baby steps look like for someone starting IF?
  • What is carb back loading?
  • How long / often does Dr. Sara work out?
  • She also answers this reader question: “I have a question about fasting and how it has affected my hunger/eating cues. For a year, I did a daily fast of about 14-16 hours eating all of my calories at once at the end of my day, which allowed me to reach all of my marathon goals last year. However now that my marathons are over, when I eat ANYTHING I am absolutely starving. I have tried revert to eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but it seems that I can’t because my hunger level spikes so much when I eat. Is there any way I can transition my body back to a “normal” meal cycle while keeping my hunger in check?”

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Who is Dr. Sara?

Dr. Sara Solomon is the creator of the Fat Loss Fast System about intermittent fasting,  flexible dieting and HiiT Home Workouts. Her philosophy is “minimum effective dose to get results.”

Sara earned both a DMD (she’s a dentist) and a B.Sc in Physiotherapy from McGill University. She is a writer and sponsored athlete for, the most visited bodybuilding and fitness website in the world. 

A retired professional fitness model, Sara competed 9 times in fitness competitions using practices that slowed her metabolic rate and her ability to lose fat. Frustrated, Sara decided to hit the books and spent 2 years devising an evidence-based system (“Fat Loss Fast”) that restored her metabolic capacity and her passion for fitness. Sara knows first-hand the challenges of juggling a busy schedule with a healthy lifestyle, which is why her system focuses on endurable, maintainable, time-saving, and metabolism-boosting approaches for fat loss. If you want to “take the hell out of healthy,” then click on to access her hilarious high-intensity home workouts, her straight-forward intermittent fasting and flexible dieting practices, and her yummy “cheat clean” recipes!

Sara’s “ONE HABIT” to try for a week: the habit of critical thinking – be your own detective 

Sara’s “ONE RESOURCE” that she recommends to us: The Courageous Confidence course by the fabulous Chalene Johnson

Special Appearance by Taz, the Famous Siamese


Special Guest: Taz

Additional Resources:

      • Dr. Sara’s eBooks on “Starting Fasting Today” are available here
      • Here’s a variety of Intermittent Fasting Methods from The Daily Burn
      • Dr. Sara is all the rage on You Tube. Here’s one example of why 
      • Dr. Sara has recently started a new series on authenticity and finding your true confidence. Listen to her explain what she’s doing and why:

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