Neen James, the Best Girlfriend Friend You Haven’t Met Yet, wants you to create more moments in life that matter.

Meet my rocking Aussie friend, Neen James. Neen is a professional speaker and leadership expert who teaches people how to achieve twice as much in half the time, so they can create more significant moments in life that matter. 

I met Neen at a National Speaker’s Association event, and I knew right away that she was something special. It may have been her perfect LBD punched up with bright pink heels, bright pink lipstick with the bright pink pen that got my attention. Or, it may have been that voice that is distinctly Neen’s (you’ll see!), but I think it was actually her energy, her warmth and her charisma that really drew me to her.

I want to shaw  to join us because – without fail – the number one excuse I hear (and make) from people (myself) when it comes to why they (we) are not meeting their (our) wellness goals is…

“I don’t have time”

Whether it’s no time to cook real food, sleep, move your body, or anything other form of self-care, everyone can say – and can mean it! – “I don’t have time.” So, what’s the cure? Listen in and we’ll share that and more.

What we talk about:

  • Neen’s mantra on creating an Ah-Mazing life
  • How the little things we do have the greatest impact
  • Your plan to conquer the world and manage your life in just 15 minutes! 


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