Joe Cross was Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Did you see the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead? 20 million people did, and helped Joe Cross start a revolution. Joe is a man truly living his purpose. He left his successful career in finance and directed his entrepreneurial efforts to bringing his message to the world. I had the pleasure of interviewing Joe (writer, producer, star of both films) upon the release of the sequel (cleverly known as “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2”) where we find out what happens AFTER he fasted for 60 days on nothing but juice, lost more than 80 pounds, and healed himself from the disease that plagued him for years.

Spoiler alert: things got harder.

joe cross before

In this episode Joe tells us:

  • What happened after he lost more than 80 pounds and stopped filming Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 
  • Whether just adding juice to our diet is helpful (vs “Just Juice” fasting)
  • Common mistakes people make when trying juicing
  • The best time to juice
  • Why on Earth he fasted for 60 days, filmed it… and then made Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2
  • What’s hard for him about staying healthy and what he does about it
  • His favorite juice recipe – you can find it here
  • And, how to find juice near you with his Juice Bar Locator

Other resources mentioned:

Breville Juicer

  • Learn more about Joe Cross here


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