No Equipment Needed Except A Timer & A Buddy!

Today’s Tababta Workout  (Tabata= 8 rounds of 20 sec on/10sec rest; 4 mins total per set):

Set 1: Warm Up: high knees, back kicks, jumping jacks
Set 2: Burpees!!!
Set 3: Squats/Single Leg Lunges
Set 4: Plank/Mountain Climbers/Plank-Knees to Elbow
**Handstand Break**
Set 5: Squat Jumps and “Frog Hops”
Set 6: BURPEES!!
**Handstand Break**
Set 7: Stretching
**High Fives All Around**

30 Minutes is ALL You Need!
Get the “Tabata Timer” (free App) and Make Up Your Own Workout…Share it in the comments!


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