My stomach looks like this all the time. ***hearty laughter***
OK, the truth is, I have a pretty strong core and abs you can see on a good day, and yet, much of the time, I am fighting the “progressive bloat.” You know the one: you wake up looking like a fitness model (***more laughter***), and by the time you go to bed, you’re looking more like you’re 4-months pregnant? Anyone? Guys, too!
One of the best “no bloat” tips that I have picked up is simple: limit the amount of water/liquid you drink at meal time. Yes, we need our hydration. Yes, you should get 2L-3L of H20 in a day. Just not while you’re eating.  

Here’s the scoop:

  • when you drink during mealtime, you dilute your digestive juices, so the meal is tougher to digest (bloat!)
  • drinking during and right after meals often means the liquid is sitting behind/on top of the food you just ate (bloat city!)
  • drinking ice cold water is worse on both counts 

A few sips won’t kill you, or even give you “food baby” belly, but the best course of action is to drink a full glass of water BEFORE your meal, with lemon if you like for a little extra boost. Both stimulate your digestion. Room temp is best.

Want the good news? A glass of red wine with dinner can actually help. It’s full of enzymes that support digestion. (You’re welcome!)

More no-bloat tips coming your way. Share if you find this useful. Cheers!

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