Killing Your Sex Drive: 5 Surprising Ways Sugar Lowers Your Libido

Is decreased sex drive related to something more than “just getting older?” Mark Hyman, MD says “100% yes” in this article. He says:

1. Sugar lowers testosterone (in men & women), which lowers sex drive (PS – it also makes you store fat)
2. Sugar creates leptin resistance. (Leptin is the hormone that tells your brain to stop eating. Leptin also monitors sexual behavior.)
3. Sugar reduces growth hormone (GH) production. (GH improves muscle mass, helps your body utilize fat, and helps maintain optimal libido.)
4. Sugar makes you tired and triggers stress and anxiety
5. Sugar raises your insulin levels, which can elevate cortisol, your stress hormone. This special combo breaks down muscle mass, increases fat storage, and dampens libido.

Overall, it’s not a pretty picture.

Sugar hides in ALL KINDS of processed foods. You might think you’re eating healthily because you’re sticking to whole grains, yogurts, cereals, low-cal snacks, etc, but that’s not the whole story! If it comes in a package, 95% of the time it has added sugar or is processed like sugar in your body.

(Ok, I just made up that %, but pay attention and you’ll see it. Everywhere.) 

Check out these examples of sneaky sugar:

sneaky sugar

Don’t sabotage your libido with your food choices, my friends. Is that a worthwhile trade off?

Me thinkest not.

So, what’s the fix? 

Eat real food. Feel better. Get lucky. 

Now, that’s worthwhile. 😉

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