It’s that time of year again!

The 2017 Holiday Shopping Guide to inspire healthy, fun and occasionally weird ideas for your wish list – or for your loved ones.  There are gifts from $10-1000+… something for everyone. Look for discounts codes below, too! Happy shopping πŸ™‚


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Beautiful & Responsible: New Discoveries

Here are two brands that I’ve discovered this year & what I love about them.







  1. FashionABLE: ABLE is focused on ending poverty by working with “women who have often overcome extraordinary circumstances.” They manufacture in communities where there can create jobs for women, and they make the most beautiful things – from leather goods, to jewelry and apparel. Their products are luxuriously gorgeous, and I feel good about buying from them. Check out the full line at (ships worldwide)






2. Just the most delectable lingerie EVER. Naja also makes activewear and swimwear that you just won’t see anywhere else. I love them and their mission to produce eco-friendly, socially conscious items. Save 10% when you sign up for their mailing list.


Here’s a breakdown of more fresh gift ideas by price!…


Gifts Over $500





LIVE BETTER Retreat || April 2018: PUT ME ON YOUR WISH LIST! Send this page to your someone special and tell them you want to join me for a weekend retreat like no other. It’s going to be AMAZING. Save $70 by booking before Dec. 31st.





JOOV Red Light Therapy: listen to episode 135 to learn why I use this daily for cellular health and botox-free facial rejuvenation πŸ™‚ USE CODE ELLA FOR $25 OFF + FREE SHIPPING.


Gifts Over $100

Big Berkey Drinking Water Filtration System: This water filtration system is pricey but powerful.  It requires no hook up or set up – you simply refill the water tank manually and let it do the rest. Ours sits in the kitchen, and I use it for drinking and cooking water. The Berkey filters out chlorine, fluoride, microorganisms, bacteria and viruses, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals (including antibiotics and hormones) Price: ~$225+


Standing Desk that doesn’t require a NEW desk. You know sitting all day is good for NOBODY – get this for you, your busy executive, your student – anyone who spends a lot of time at their computer. You can hear all about how this helps us stay healthy and agile in episode 040 with Dr. Kelly Starrett. This model is waaayyyy cheaper than a treadmill desk, and just gets plopped right on top of the existing desk. (Price: ~$140)



Gifts from $25-75





Spydergrip: The Spydergrip is a lightweight neoprene, washable, military grade, UNIVERSAL-fit pouch that comfortably fits on your back with an additional inner pocket to also carry your keys, change, ID cards and other belongings while training and/or working out. You know I can’t stand having my cell phone against my skin, and now that is never an issue while I run, bike or train! EXCLUSIVE!! USE CODE ELLA for 47% off.


Squatty Potty

Squatty Potty

Squatty Potty: I own THREE and gave even more ads gifts last year (great conversation starter, by the way). You can hear all about it in Episode 110: squatting is the most natural position for elimination, and the Squatty Potty is a super simple stool (ha!) that slides under any toilet to make that all happen for you. I bought the teak, but models come in wood and plastic from $25. EXCLUSIVE: USE CODE ELLA FOR 15% OFF.


Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker: Easiest thing, EVER. Bone broth, warm dishes, soups/stews…you just dump it all in and walk away. (Price: ~$50)


raspberry_puree_cleaner_grandecoconut_puree_cleaner_grandeGive the gift of health with a year of Mary Ruth Organics Premium Supplements. I was introduced to Mary Ruth Organics by a listener, and on a whim decided to try out both the morning and evening liquid vitamins. (I try to get most of my vitamins from REAL FOOD, but you know, LIFE.) I started just over a year ago and judging by my fingernails and hair, there’s something to this. I’m now on monthly auto-ship (saves 10%), and I find this far easier than pill-popping for some reason. Get a one month supply for $39.95 per bottle, or auto-ship for the year and save a bit more. It comes to about $2.40 a day, and I am a total convert.


Gifts Under $25

Looking for small gifts to stuff those stockings or someone without blowing the budget?


Ella branded tees: flattering, forgiving and fun! Click the images for details. On sale through Dec. 21st (ships globally).





Kava Tea by Karma Kava: Deep Chill. I have only just discovered the wonder of Kava, though it has Kava has been used for centuries for medicinal and ceremonial purposes throughout the South Pacific Islands and other cultures. Derived from the root of the Kava plant, Kava provides a relaxation without affecting mental clarity. It’s a deep chill, no wine needed (not that there’s anything wrong with that ;-). It’s not easy to get – Karma Kava is a lady boss-owned company that can currently ship to the US. Shop for $12.95 and up, but I recommend trying all 3 flavors to see which you love best. Watch this video to learn How to Brew Kava.





Elate cosmetics: natural, sustainable nontoxic vegan make-up – what’s not to love?It’s gorgeous, made with extreme care, and as you can hear in Episode 127, I just adore Founder & CEO Melodie Reynolds. PS – Get my full natural makeup shopping guide here


Natural Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp – not just for hippies anymore. These lamps are increasing in popularity again as an inexpensive air purifier and mood enhancer. You simply plug it in, and let the natural Himalayan salt do its thing. Salt lamps produce negative ions and pollen, dust, dirt, and allergens in the air all carry a positive charge. The negative ions from the lamp neutralize these positive ions so they can no longer be airborne. Studies show that negative ions boost mood, relieve seasonal affective disorder, and can improve breathing problems like asthma.  PS – they make very soothing, relaxing night lights.  (Price: $16-25)


Aircom A1 Airtube Stereo Headsets: Everyone in my family has a set of these. Exciting? Maybe not, but these air tube headsets reduce the amount of cell phone radiation exposure they’re getting, and to me, that’s exciting. I love mine – the sound quality is great (no difference from traditional wired versions). (Price: ~$20)


Stocking Stuffers…

Here’s to happy, healthy holidays!

I hope this inspires some healthy gift-giving ideas for you! You can see more suggested gift ideas (more than 90 items!) in the Amazon “kits” that I put together for you. xxoo Ella

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