If you’re buying or receiving gifts this holiday season, why not make it an opportunity to live better, look better and feel better in 2016? Here are some occasionally weird, but great gift ideas for your wish list – or for those who are lucky enough to be on your list this year.  You can click on any of the images or links to go right to the item. Read this to see how this helps support the show at no cost to you. Happy shopping!

Gifts Over $100

Breville Juicer: I think I spent more time picking out a juicer than my last car. I settled on Breville, and 3 years later, I am still making green juices like a pro.

Big Berkey Drinking Water Filtration System: This water filtration system is pricey but powerful. Ours sits in the kitchen, and I now use it for everything. The Berkey filters out

  • Chlorine and chloramin – Toxic chemicals used to sanitize water
  • Fluoride – A highly toxic chemical that should not be in anyone’s water supply
  • Microorganisms, bacteria and viruses
  • Heavy metals
  • Pharmaceuticals – Pharmaceuticals, including disastrously hormone-disrupting compounds, are not removed in city water treatment facilities and circulate in the water system. Berkey removes 99.5% of pharmaceuticals including antibiotics and hormones

Read this full review from Empowered Sustenance.

Kurt Kinetic Indoor Bicycle Trainer: Ride your bike in the house! This trainer turns your road bike into an indoor bike. Super easy hook up and it folds away…get the riser ring, too. 


Standing Desk: This is the reasonably priced standing desk that I simply placed on top of my existing desk. You know sitting all day is good for NOBODY – get this for you, your busy executive, your student – anyone who spends a lot of time at their computer. You can hear all about how this helps us stay healthy and agile in this crazy episode with Dr. Kelly Starrett.

(this one’s under $100)

Green Earth Frying Pan Set by Ozeri (8″, 10″, 12″) 100% PTFE & PFOA Free: Get rid of those nonstick pans. Read my post about toxic cookware here. These PFOA-free nonstick pans make a nice gift for anyone who wants to be living clean.


Gifts Under $50

Aircom A1 Airtube Stereo Headsets: Everyone in my family is getting a set of these. Exciting? Maybe not, but these air tube headsets reduce the amount of cell phone radiation exposure they’re getting, and to me, that’s exciting. I love mine – the sound quality is great (no difference from traditional wired versions).


Hamilton Beach Programmable Slow Cooker: Easiest thing, EVER. Bone broth, warm dishes, soups/stews…you just dump it all in and walk away. 


Gaiam Thirsty Yoga Towels: for the Yogi in your family. These clingy yoga towels keep you from sliding all over that yoga mat! There’s a wide selection of colors to choose from.


Foam Roller: Have a runner in the family? Give the gift of deep tissue massage, when there’s no massage therapist around! This is a must for runners and cyclists, and helpful for anyone looking to loosen IT bands and relieve back tightness.

Here are some more budget-friendly ideas: 

Gifts Under $25

Looking for small gifts to stuff those stockings or someone without blowing the budget? 

Books! Who doesn’t love a great book? You can see my recommended reads right here

Kitchen Gadgets! For the fastest salad ever, Chef’n Palm Mincer Fresh Herb Mincer and Chef’n Kale, Chard, Collard Greens & Herb Stripper make quick work of fresh food prep in the kitchen. 

Beauty Kit: Make your own “natural beauty” gift basket. You can include things like a facial scrub, detox clay masks, natural oils & a dry skin brush…All of these items and more are listed in the On Air with Ella Amazon store.

I hope this inspires some healthy gift-giving ideas for you! You can see more suggested gift ideas by visiting the full Amazon store that I put together for you. Happy, healthy holidays!



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