I used to avoid all things coconut. Now, I go through a bag of these coconut flakes every week. Turns out, unsweetened coconut tastes nothing like the sweet sticky stuff of my childhood, and it’s a great source of satiating, healthy fats. I eat these like chips, toasted in the oven for just a few minutes. SO EASY.

Just pour a pile of flakes on a cooking sheet, season with sea salt and spice(s) of your choice (cinnamon, cumin, cocoa, a dash of cayenne…go crazy), and toast briefly @350F until golden. Careful, though – you have to watch them – they’ll burn quickly and you’ll have to dump them. We don’t want to dump them. 

This makes a VERY quick, good-fat-rich, slightly addictive, satiating snack in minutes. Directions in the above recipe from HealthyLivingHowTo.com even show you a stove-top version.

I buy these in bulk on Amazon (make sure you get the FLAKES, not shredded). Happy snacking!



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