Anyone who’s ever torn the house apart on an almighty hunt for chocolate after a healthy meal knows that cravings are FOR REAL. 

Cravings are different than hunger. Hunger is controlled by the stomach, but cravings are controlled by the BRAIN. Did you know that many common cravings are your body trying to tell you about something that you need?

Craving chocolate? You are very likely low in magnesium (most of us are).

Check out this chart which shows which food can satisfy specific cravings (even for chewing ice!):

And the next time you have a craving you can ask: Is it just something sweet that I am craving? Or is it something more specific? 

I noticed a difference in my post-meal cravings when I was more consistent in taking my Magnesium supplement.

(Which I chase, naturally, with a couple of squares of dark chocolate. 😉

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