Do You Pee Yourself?

You’re not alone! Many men and women experience varying levels of incontinence – from minor to substantial degrees. 

I’m talking to MaryEllen Reider of today about this issues that plagues so many men and women – especially moms! – and what we can do to prevent or treat it.

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MaryEllen Reider, Yarlap

About MaryEllen

MaryEllen Reider is a co-founders of the Yarlap® and an officer in the firm working daily with her father. She is a social media professional with bachelors degree in International Studies and Asian Languages from the Miami University of Oxford, Ohio. Through travels abroad and a father who designs medical devices, MaryEllen was able to see different ways other countries treat certain medical issues. Inspiration from the Yarlap® came from a friend who suffered from urinary incontinence including postpartum issues. Yarlap® is an at-home device used to treat urinary incontinence by re-educating the muscles of a woman’s pelvic floor. Research statistics prove women can regain leak control in as little as 20 minutes a day, without surgery or pills. Yarlap® does the work for you to effortlessly treats urinary incontinence – and it’s comfortable! 

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