Is it possible that we got it all wrong?

The facts are straight forward.

91% of women are unhappy about their weight and resort to dieting

95% of dieters will regain their weight within 1-5 years

What if food, calories and macros aren’t the answer to all of our problems?

What if there was more to our food choices than discipline, motivation and mental strength?

What if there was more to our cravings than sugar & carbohydrate “addiction”?

What if the answer wasn’t in more restriction and obsession?

All of this is the subject of The Going Beyond The Food Project. This online conference answers all of these questions and some more. Stephanie and I are talking about that and more in this episode where we get EXTREMELY HONEST about our challenges and head games when it comes to food. 

You know I’ve been there (and am still learning), which is why when I was asked to be a part of an all-new Online Conference called Going Beyond The Food, I said yesGoing Beyond The Food Project is an online conference that will help you ditch the diet mindset, transform your relationship to food and feel good – for good.

Join me and register here to Go Beyond The Food!

This online event is FREE. 21+ Interviews with amazing teachers (and me :-))!  This event was created by my dear friend and colleague, Stephanie Dodier, who healed herself of chronic dieting, emotional eating, compulsive eating, body dysmorphia, anxiety, panic attacks, skin condition and many other chronic conditions such as pre-diabetes.

She’s on a mission to help women to ditch dieting and Go Beyond The Food to find their solutions. Stephanie has brought together top experts in these fields, like me, to help you do the same.

I’m especially excited for you to learn the reasons why our bodies struggle to be healthy and balanced naturally. All of this learning is FREE and starts Nov 1 2017

The bottom is this, our current approach to weight loss is clearly not working. The solution is not about more food control and restriction. The solution is to look Beyond The Food.

The Going Beyond The Food Project online Conference is everything the weight & fitness industry doesn’t want you to know. It’s all about moving beyond calories, macros, and food to understand the real reason why we eat.

It’s about understanding why sometimes we overeat or binge.

It’s about finding our individualized solutions to our food cravings and emotional eating.

It’s about being inspired by real life people who went Beyond The Food to find their happiness and health.

When Stephanie’s free online conference starts on November 1-8th it will be the beginning of a revolution…  Going Beyond The Food. Register NOW.

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