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Is Judgment affecting your decision?

  1. General/Public circle – seriously? no.
  2. Social circle – why? why do you really care? what is it that you really care about? will you care 10 years from now? will you care when you’re 87? (if yes, move the associated person to your Super Intimates group)?
  3. Super Intimates circle – (these folks have a lot of power and influence in your life. choose carefully.) What’s the real issue? Do you need to be in alignment on this decision with this person? (Whether you answer yes or no dictates next steps.)
  4. THE CORE: You & your Higher Self & Higher Power – is this in alignment with your values, your purpose, your core self? If no, then STOP. If yes, then determine any alignment needs with Super Intimates. 

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Can you relate to this? Does this help you? What judgments are you letting dictate your life? Which circles?

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Life Balance Wheel Series Resources:

  • Click Here to Download the Life Balance Wheel Worksheet
    • How to complete the worksheet: score each area as where you are today. The goal is not to have a high score everywhere. It’s simply a tool to evaluate where you’re strongest, and which areas you want to focus on next. 

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