Meet my Kiddo.

This is the continuation of our new series that we kicked off in episode 082. My 15-year old son “B” joins us to share his perspective on parenting and family. 

this guy.

this guy.

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Life Balance Wheel

  • Download/print your  Life Balance Wheel Worksheet
  • Fill it out for where you are TODAY (not where you want to be…yet)
  • Share with me where you are: what are you “high” in, where are you “low?”…what are your biggest struggles? You can answer this 3 question survey – it’s easier than email!

What you said…

Here are some of your own responses to the survey question “What are you struggling with in FAMILY/PARENTING? Where are you thriving?”

  • I’m still working on …being present with my kids and communication with my spouse.
  • Demands of my career encroach on my family and personal life. Working full time and being a parent can be all consuming. Weekends are spent doing house chores and taking care of my family, which leaves little time for much of a social life.
  • We recently added a 2nd baby. First is 2.5 years old. How to make enough time for my spouse after giving all day to my job, kids, running the house and time for myself?!

“I cherish every moment with my kids and husband so I have no regrets.”

  • I enjoy being a mom and I have a close relationship with my son. Our attitude is mainly positive and our environment a happy one. I have become a bit relaxed on fitness during spring and summer, but I lost 14 lbs last winter and have kept the weight off. I look forward to returning to the gym to tone up – my work schedule is about to change, so I am waiting on this. I miss yoga and often think of practicing in my home – that is as far as I have gotten… 😉
  • With parenting/family, I feel like I do well because I put a priority on not taking the easy way out. I try to push myself in this one area beyond all others because I know the consequences of being selfish or lazy will have a lifelong detrimental effect on my child and my husband. I know this is not a specific strategy, but it’s the general concept I use with parenting.
  • Just acknowledging all the things I have in my life right now and being thankful for that works for me. While I do this exercise of acknowledging I smile. Just by smiling I feel more blessed and happier.

What about you? You can answer this 3 question survey and share your successes and challenges with me.

xoxo Ella

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