Why Heavy Metal Detox?

Heavy metals are found within the Earth and in our environment, and while these substances can be tolerated by our bodies in minute amounts, heavy metals can be quite damaging to our bodies when they accumulate in higher, unhealthy concentrations.

As the levels of heavy metals increase in our topsoil, water, air, and in manufactured products and foods, they are absorbed through our skin, lungs and digestive system. Excessive heavy metals contribute to the development of chronic diseases in adults as well as psychiatric conditions and learning disabilities in growing children. 

Apart from the environment, we may also be exposed to heavy metals through various health procedures such as having mercury filled silver fillings in the teeth. Also, people who live in homes constructed before 1978 may be breathing and ingesting lead dust from the paint on their walls. People who are fond of fish and other seafood may have already been contaminated with heavy metals due to contaminated waters, while others who reside near landfills may also be subject to increased levels of the same substances. Heavy metals can be found in protein powders, make up, body care products…the list goes on.

Dr. Weston Saunders – known to all as Dr. Wiggy – joins us to talk about what this potential overload of heavy metals can mean for us, and how we can reduce the risks naturally – oftentimes with great results.

Dr. Wiggy Saunders

Dr. Wiggy Saunders

What We Talk About:

  • What is heavy metal toxicity? 
  • How does it happen?
  • How do you know if it might be affecting you?
  • How do you test for it?
  • How do we fix it?
    1. Reduce exposure
      • food
      • environment
      • beauty products
      • dental work
    2. Support the body’s natural detoxification processes:
      • sweat
      • urine
      • bowel movements
    3. What to eat, what activities to engage in
  • How does juicing help?
  • How chlorella, parsley and cilantro contribute to chelation

Some Symptoms of Heavy Metal Toxicity

  • Angina
  • Bloating / stomach cramps
  • Blurred vision
Chemical sensitivities
Concentration problems – difficulty assimilating new knowledge
Eyesight problems – sensitivity to bright light, night blindness
  • Lethargy / tiredness – particularly after food
  • Hair loss / thinning
  • Joint aches / muscle pain
  • Liver damage 
Memory loss
  • Metallic taste in mouth
  • Migraines
Nerve disorders
  • Neurological disorders
Panic, rage, depression, strange thought patterns
  • Sinus – chronic congestion
Skin problems – crawling sensation
  • Speech –word finding difficulty
  • Teeth grinding
Vitamin and 
mineral deficiencies (heavy metals compete with minerals for absorption)

Resources Mentioned:


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  • Dr. Wiggy’s “ONE HABIT” to try for one week: Drink more water. Use a Contigo 32 oz Water Bottle for tracking


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Dr. Wiggy on The Doctors

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