Colonics, colon hydrotherapy, colon cleanse…what’s it mean? How’s it work?

 We’re covering it all. Including:

  1. What is colon hydrotherapy?
  2. How does it work? What should we expect?
  3. What’s the difference between open and closed systems?
  4. How does a colon hydrotherapy session compare with an enema?
  5. How long does it take?
  6. What conditions does it help with?
  7. Is it safe?
  8. Does it hurt?
  9. Will I be clean after 1 session?
  10. Who is a good candidate? Who isn’t?
  11. How can I prepare for my first one?
  12. Should I fast before my session? 
  13. What should I ask or look for when seeking a provider?
  14. Can I go to work right after a colonic?
  15. How many treatments do I need?
  16. What do I do after the session is over?

…and if you still have questions, check out these FAQs or this list of questions to ask your provider.


So, what can you do on a regular basis to keep those bowels moving, keep the gut in great health, or get a sluggish bowel going again (eg while traveling)?

This is a Mag 07 (my brand of choice) – the elemental magnesium in Mag 07 transports oxygen throughout the body (including the colon), and has a gentle, NATURAL stool-softening effect. This helps to loosen intestinal build up and aids in the release of waste/toxins that may be present. 
It’s non-habit forming (it’s NOT a laxative, which I absolutely do not recommend) – it’s safe to take regularly, and it’s a MUST HAVE when I’m traveling or sluggish for any reason.

About Jennifer

Jennifer Jamieson

Jennifer Jamieson

Jennifer Jamieson co-owner of InnerLight Holistic Healing which offers a variety of healing arts modalities including colon hydrotherapy, draws on her intuitive gifts to work collaboratively with her clients to help them reach their healthiest and highest alignment. As a Mind Body Spirit practitioner she has developed a deep understanding of the body’s energy system and how to incorporate integrative healing modalities to facilitate her clients’ healing process.

Jennifer is best known for her innate ability to intuitively identify the root cause of patterns keeping individuals “stuck.” Over the past decade, countless individuals have experienced deeply transformative progress from her integrative combination of vibrational sound techniques, meditation, colon hydrotherapy, Reiki healing, aromatherapy, Pilates, intuitive guidance and holistic mind + body wellness strategies

Connect with Jen via her website, Facebook page or even via email.

Jennifer’s “ONE HABIT” to try for a week: Reduce your sugar intake 

Jennifer’s “ONE RESOURCE” that she recommends to us: Outside deep breathing exercise

What questions do you have for Jen after hearing this episode? Let me know in the comments!

You are Awesome.

You are Awesome.


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