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All About Kombucha 

Our guest Hannah Crum of Kombucha Kamp is filling us in on the facts and fiction about kombucha tea.

Hannah Crum

Hannah Crum

Kombucha is fermented tea with loads of healthy qualities

Kombucha tea is considered by many to be a superfood, an elixir that’s been consumed for thousands of years and is experiencing a resurgence now as it becomes more and more commercially available. Some of the healthy qualities it possesses:

  • Contains living bacteria and yeast – this is a good thing 🙂
  • Makes a great replacement for sugary sodas or coffee
  • Acts as a snack or pre-meal hunger control
  • Alkalizes like vinegar or lemon juice – balances internal pH
  • Compounds in the drink may bond to and help excrete toxins from the liver – happy liver = happy mood
  • May speed metabolism
  • The acids present improve digestion or alleviate constipation
  • Relieve headaches & migraines
  • Antioxidants & polyphenols from the tea are partially fermented and so more bioavailable
  • Kills h.pylori on contact
  • Certain acids present are considered candida-cides

Which is good, because I’m kind of addicted

Ella's Kombucha Habit

Ella’s Kombucha Habit

What We Talk About:

  • What is kombucha anyway?? 
  • Is kombucha harmful if you’re suffering from Candida?
  • Why some people bloat up after having kombucha
  • How hard is it to make at home?
  • Why home brew beats store-bought
  • What are some of the reasons we might incorporate kombucha into our diet?

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Let me know if you try it! Love it? Hate it? 




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