Spoiler Alert: Not a Quack

Dr. Tom Nixon of Twin City Health & Maximized Living is part of a movement to help transform the health of people through his 5 key essentials: an empowered mindset, corrective chiropractic care, quality nutrition, exercise, and minimized toxicity. In this episode, he answers a LOT of our questions about how to find a great practitioner for problems that extend well beyond a sore back, and how to know whether you’re with the right practitioner (and how to avoid the, you know, quacks).

Dr. Tom Nixon

Dr. Tom Nixon

What We Talk About:

  • What does our nervous system have to do with our health?
  • The very long list of ailments that relate to our nervous system, including migraines, hypothyroid, Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, digestive ailments and many more, and…
  • How they can be treated through Corrective Chiropractic Care (I had no idea!)
  • How to know if your practitioner is going to be able to actually help HEAL you
  • What to avoid when seeking a non-traditional practitioner – no quacks, please
  • Ella’s new inversion table – helpful or hurtful?
Ella on Teeter

Hanging Out in My Office

Resources Mentioned

  • Find a Maximized Living Doctor in the US here 
  • Want an inversion table like mine? You can get the Teeter Ltd Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit on Amazon or at your local sporting goods store. I am NOT promoting or recommending this product – do your own research! – just sharing the one that I love (and will now use according to Dr. Tom’s specific instructions!):


Dr. Tom’s “ONE HABIT” to try for a week: Great posture – get those ears over your shoulders!

Dr. Tom’s RESOURCE that he recommends: The Maximized Living online resources, such as exercise/movement videos, recipes, and grocery guides, and other great stuff 

My mission and privilege is to help another mother, father, child, and friend get their health back so they can not only fulfill the life they were called to, but also to help and inspire those around them make healthy life choices. – Dr. Tom Nixon

About Dr Tom & Maximized Living

Dedicated to transforming the health of families in his community, Dr. Tom Nixon is committed to teaching how to achieve true healing through lifestyle choices and the maintenance of a healthy nervous system.  

Maximized Living is most well-known for being the official chiropractic and performance team for Olympic Governing Bodies and their athletes to achieve optimal performance. Maximized Living doctors traveled to London 2012 and cared for 3 governing bodies with USA Wrestling, Weightlifting, and Judo, helping the teams bring home several medals.

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