It’s Q&A time! 

Your Questions Answered in the Episode: 

  1. I want to try Hot Yoga, but I’m intimidated. Help! 
  2. There are a lot of conflicting messages about carbs. How can all carbs be “bad,” when vegetables ARE carbs?
  3. What is the difference between Primal and Paleo?


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  • Podcast hack for iPhone users: when you’re listening to the On Air with Ella show in the Podcast app on your iPhone, click on the image and it will reveal the show notes links to the resources mentioned in that episode. BAM!
  • Interviewing Ella: Oh yeah, this is happening…you’ve asked to hear a little but more about my story, about my life, etc. Well, now’s your chance to interview ME! One listener will become my interviewer – and it’s SO EASY! All the details are at the end of this post…keep reading!

Resources Mentioned:

  • Yoga Towel: this is the towel for your yoga mat that I mentioned. You can just use a long beach towel, but this is more “grippy” and less “slidey” 🙂

Want to Interview Ella?

  • What do I need? All you need is a great internet connection and Skype, so let’s just get the technical hurdles out of the way… #done
  • What do I do? Send me a VOICEMAIL or a VIDEO by September 30th telling me your name, location and ONE question you would ask me.
    • For the love of all things lovely, keep it under 1 minute, K?
    • VOICEMAIL: you do that right here on the site –> see “Record a Message”
    • <1-MIN VIDEO: send it to contact @ on air with ella . com (remove the spaces), or send it via Facebook or Twitter…just send it!
  • I don’t want to be the interviewer, because I’m chicken. Can I still participate? YES, you can! Send in ONE question that you want asked in the interview, and the best questions will make it on the air! You can email or reply via social media….see the links above. 

I can’t wait to hear from you! #babyyou’reastar


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