Maddy Moon had the “Perfect Body” and She Still Wasn’t Happy

At a very young age, Maddy became obsessed with how food and exercise could make her look.

She developed a lifestyle, a body and frankly – an obsession – that (in her own words) took the place of relationships, mental health, relationships, sleep, food, her menstrual cycle, relationships, a healthy metabolism, happiness, RELATIONSHIPS, and anything else that is truly important in life. 

Maddy Before

Maddy Before

Today, Maddy helps people see the light

Maddy has exchanged the “perfect body” (it wasn’t), for a balanced, happy, healthy, sexy, rich life. (And, oh, PS – she’s beautiful, beautifully healthy, and blissfully un-obssessed.) She helps others through her blog, her Mind Body Musings podcast as well as her coaching to find peace in their relationships with food and their own bodies. 

...and Today: Happy & Healthy

…and Today: Happy & Healthy

In this Episode

  • Understanding how the messages we get from our families and as children can drive us…and sometimes need to be reprogrammed
  • What happened when Maddy entered the fitness industry, became a fitness model and had “everything she ever wanted” – and was miserable
  • The impact of food obsession and disordered eating on Maddy’s life, body and relationships
  • How the need for control, attention, validation and acceptance can lead us away from our true selves
  • So you have the perfect body, now what?
  • Where Maddy’s confidence comes from now
[ctt title=”I had the perfect body and nowhere to take it. – Maddy Moon” tweet=””I had the perfect body, and nowhere to take it” – @mindbodymusings @onairwithella” coverup=”8QebK”][ctt title=”At my fittest I was my least confident.- Maddy Moon” tweet=””At my fittest, I was my least confident.” – @mindbodymusings @onairwithella” coverup=”0dZf3″]

Maddy’s “ONE HABIT” to try for a week: Make and eat one intuitive meal without distraction.
Maddy’s “ONE RESOURCE” that she recommends to us: This book by Jen Sincero, of which I am also a proud owner 🙂

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