Carrie Brown made treats for the Queen of England and taught me how to cook. 

This episode is for anyone who has ever struggled with yo-yo dieting, wondered why counting calories didn’t work, or thought they could never cook for themselves – and, anyone who wants to hear the story behind the woman behind The Sane Show       

As cookbook author, photographer, blogger and co-host of the wildly successful podcast The Sane Show with Jonathan Bailor, Carrie is a master at making healthy eating a reality for those of us who are less talented in the kitchen. She learned from personal experience that diets don’t work, and she is ready to explain why and what to do instead! Spoiler alert: she wants you to eat more, but better, and exercise less, but smarter.

In this episode, I drill Carrie on how she went from a world-renowned pastry chef (making treats for the Queen of England!) to restaurant blogger, to advocate and voice-of-the-people for the *SANE lifestyle.

Things we talk about…

  • How Carrie gained weight, felt like a total hypocrite as a food blogger, and then transformed her life
  • Carrie’s personal experience with how frustrating and unsustainable the “calories in, calories out” myth is
  • The difference between losing weight and burning fat
  • Ella’s revelation 2 years ago that cooking is easy if Carrie’s helping you. (If Ella can do it, you can, too!)
  • How your bathroom scale is measuring the wrong thing
  • How your body will regulate itself – so you can stop trying to control it
  • Diets are stupid. Period.
  • How to add / hide / cram loads of veggies to your diet without even realizing it

What does *SANE eating mean, anyway? 

SANE Show *SANE is an acronym for determining how healthful a food is for us.In short, *SANE foods are very high quality, healthful foods and inSANE foods are low quality, unhealthful foods. *SANE eating means focusing on nutrient-dense foods containing water, protein, fiber, and whole-food fats. It generally means avoiding sugar of all kinds, grains, highly processed oils, many fruits, and starchy foods. Learn more here.

Some of the MANY resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Carrie’s Blog is a MUST-READ. Her recipes are amazing, healthy, and will fool even the most stubborn eaters. Bookmark this!
  • And, Carrie’s books! Beautiful and simple. They’re all in the On Air with Ella Amazon store, with a little blurb on what I love about each. Or, you can just check them out here:
  • For a complete guide to living a *SANE lifestyle, I highly recommend you grab a copy of The Calorie Myth by Jonathan Bailor.  This book changed Carrie’s life and mine. 

Other resources mentioned on the show:

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