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Tell us a little about you so we can help you get started. When you’re done, we’ll show you how to find the content that relates specifically to YOUR goals — how cool is that?


Section 1 — Your Goals

What motivates you? Pick 2-3 of the below that you relate to most and tell us why.
1) What are your personal goals?

2) What is the number one reason WHY you want these things? (optional)

Section 2 — Your Routine

Please choose between the options presented below. It’s ok if they’re not exactly right — force yourself to select the scenario that is MORE true for you today than the others, even if it’s not a perfect description.
3) FOOD — In my home, I/we typically:
Cook dinner Heat dinner Buy dinner
4) BODY — I would rather be:
Lighter & leaner Leaner & stronger Bigger & stronger
5) LEARN — How do you prefer to learn?
Read Listen Watch
6) RESOURCES — In a given week, I need to save more:
Time Money
7) ACTIVITY LEVEL — In a typical week:
I don't exercise much or I am inconsistent
I am pretty active in general, but I rarely "work out"
I work out 3 or more times a week at the gym or at home
I play a sport or train for one regularly
8) Where are you TODAY on your wellness journey?
NEWBIE: Brand new, like a Kindergartner
INTERMEDIATE: I know enough to be dangerous, like a high-schooler
SEMI-PRO: I am experienced and always learning more, like a grad student
PRO: This is my life’s work and focus

Section 3 - A Few More Details

9) Age (optional)
< 25 years
25-39 years
40-54 years
55+ years
I'd rather not say
10) Gender (optional)
Male Female Other / I'd rather not say
Anything else you would like to share with Ella? (optional)
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