111: Applied Kinesiology with Dr. Jason Piken

Dr. Jason Piken

Muscle Testing: Voodoo or Constructive Biofeedback? 

You know I’m on a mission to uncover every possible way we can pursue wellness and then to share what I learn with you, right? So when Kristi Acuna (episode 107)  mentioned using muscle testing recently as a means of diagnosing nutritional and digestive issues, I was intrigued. I reached out to my pal and renowned chiropractor Dr. Jason Piken of Innate Chiropractic of Manhattan and asked him ALL THE QUESTIONS about this modality which is utterly new to me!

Dr. Piken is a Certified Nutritional Specialist and Doctor of Chiropractor. His specialty is finding the correct blend of foods, lifestyle changes and nutritional support needed to help his patients to achieve their health goals. Dr. Piken has seen 1000s of patients with digestive issues, chronic pain, anxiety, sugar metabolism and autoimmune conditions, and he is explaining to us how manual muscle testing and applied kinesiology helps him help YOU.

See for Yourself 

Dr. Piken shares all kinds of videos on his Facebook page, and here are 2 instructional videos that give you an idea of muscle testing:

 Connect with Dr. Jason Piken

Innate Chiropractic of Manhattan

119 West 57th street suite 712

New York NY 10019


Check out his website and online store at www.innatechiro.com and his book: Better! 11 Simple Habits to Improve Your Life

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098 Wellness Technology & Conscious Living – Josh Trent {Life Balance Wheel Series}

098 Josh Trent

Can technology contribute to our wellness? 

Josh Trent and I go deep into a variety of protocols that I’ve never discussed on the show before. Some of the things we cover: 

  • Josh’s story of transformation (and his journey continues)
  • How to use technology as a “dashboard” for healthy living, especially for sleep, nutrition, hydration, and movement
  • Why he considers wellness technology a “mirror of mindfulness” for emotional and physical habits

Muse headband

Resources Mentioned:

 Connect with Josh

Josh Trent is a podcast host, wellness coach, and founder of www.wellnessforce.com. By drawing from wellness technology as part of an integrative life practice, and with over 12 years in the health and wellness industry, his vision is to empower greater wellness in over one million lives through technology and emotion. From now until March 14, 2017 Josh is giving away more than $2000 in goodies to his listeners. Join in the fun here.

Let me know your thoughts on these topics below (or just leave me a voicemail right over there —>)!

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091 Turn Your Dreams Into Your Reality. (Really.) with Aaron Anastasi

091 Cover


Aaron Anastasi

Aaron Anastasi

What is the Truth About YOU?

Aaron Anastasi continues a theme we started with Bonnie Kelly in episode 088, and that we continue with under the Life Balance Wheel Series that we began in episode 082. Aaron wrote a killer guide to turning down our voices of limitation to “turn up the volume of our success.” His new book, The Voice of Your Dreams was really eye-opening for me, and he and I dive deep into some of his core principles in this episode. 

Who Is Aaron?

Along with being an L.A.-based actor and filmmaker, Aaron Anastasi is a prominent success coach. He’s also a serial entrepreneur with online businesses such Superior Singing Method, an online singing program that has over 11.5 million views on his three channels.

What dream are you “sitting” on? TELL ME!

Let me know in the comments…

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