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Guess what? I get so many questions about what I stock in my pantry, what books are the best resources, what tools are the most useful, …etc, that I created an Amazon store where we can shop together! Read this to find out how this supports the show at no cost to you. And if you want to just skip my recommendations and shop all of Amazon, you can start shopping right here! :-).

What to Look For

I’ve put comments under every single item in the store about what makes it worthwhile. There are several categories:


These are the tools I use in my home, office, and life in general. I only share things that I use myself and can attest to their awesomeness!


This is where you’ll find the pantry staples that I keep on hand, supplements, super foods and just the things that I think are yummy! 


Great resources here include recipe books (nothing complicated!) as well as books that helped me understand optimal nutrition and wellness. These books are special to me, and I think they’ll help you, too.

“Beauty & Personal Care”

Check out these products that go a long way to a gorgeous and glowing YOU, without a bunch of nasty chemicals. 

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Note: You aren’t stuck inside the store….You can search all of Amazon right here! 🙂

Let’s Shop!

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