Podcast 011 – Permanent, Effective Fat Loss. Elizabeth Benton cracked the code & lost 140 lbs. Forever.

Primal Potential

Elizabeth Benton spent 25 years dieting and hating her body.

After years of obesity, self-loathing, dieting and deprivation, Elizabeth has lost 140 pounds that she will never see again. How? She cracked the code to permanent fat loss, and now she wants to share it with as many people as possible.

If you have ever struggled with binge eating, yo-yo dieting, or failed at your best efforts to lose weight in the face of so many confusing messages, this show is for you. Listen in as Elizabeth Benton of Primal Potential shares her magic formula, the logic behind why it works, and the detail behind how we unknowingly sabotage ourselves.

What We Talk About

  • Elizabeth’s journey to more than 300 pounds
  • The number one thing to do when you are obese and do NOT want to work out
  • Why “more exercise” is not the answer
  • Why we eat and still feel hungry
  • Fat as fuel – why it works
  • Calories: do they matter?
  • The 4 Golden Rules of Carbs 
  • How we shut down our fat burning fire without realizing it
  • Bulletproof coffee – what is it and why Elizabeth loves it 
  • How to eat really well AND meet your fat loss goals
  • The real obstacle standing in your way


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  1. I LOVED this episode! As someone who has lost a lot of weight and is now struggling getting rid of a 15 pound regain, listening to what Elizabeth had to say was eye opening.

    • Ella

      Brooke Not on a Diet, I love your “name” :-))) Elizabeth Benton is awesome, extremely knowledgable and inspiring, right? Check out more of her stuff at primalpotential.com and stay healthy! Pursue WELLNESS and fat loss will ENSUE (but I bet you look great as you are!). /Ella

  2. Alice

    Congrats on her success! I’ve lost 80 lbs eating a balanced diet, lifting and walking and have been maintaining for a few years and I still enjoy listening to weight loss podcasts.

    From what I listened (had to stop about halfway through) had good information, but the speaker had a bit of a ‘holier than thou’ delivery that I found tough to listen to after awhile. Hopefully though it will help others!

    • Ella

      Alice, that is wonderful for you! Thanks for listening – not all shows are for everybody, but keep listening (http://bit.ly/onairellalive) and I’m sure you’ll find some that work for you. Congrats and keep up the great work.