Index of all On Air with Ella episodes

We’re working on something prettier, but for now due to popular demand, here’s an index of all shows for easy searching. (Click on the title to go directly to that show.) Request a topic here.

001 Joe Cross Joe Cross Was Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead  
002 Abel Gonzalez On Defeating Obstacles & Mastering Our Inner Ninja  
003 Debbie Wilkins Baisden One Hot Momma (Of Four!) Gets REAL.  
004 Dr. Nido Qubein On Living An Extraordinary Life  
005 Shawn Stevenson The 1 Thing You’re Not Doing to Slow Aging, Increase Fat Loss, and Be Better at Everything  
006 Carrie Brown Why Diets Are Stupid & Calorie Counting Doesn’t Work  
007 Dr. Jillian Teta Dr. Jillian Teta Talks Guts And Glory. Mostly Guts. But It’s Glorious.  
008 Neen James No Time Is No Excuse. Create Your Ah-Mazing Life!  
009 Hal Elrod Do You Want A Life By Design Or A Life By Default?  
010 Evan Brand Man Up, Eat Right, Chill Out.  
011 Elizabeth Benton Permanent, Effective Fat Loss: Elizabeth Benton Cracked The Code & Lost 140 Lbs. Forever.  
012 Vani Hari Food Babe Or Fear Mongerer?  
013 ELLA How To Travel Without Trashing Your Health Bonus Episode
014 George Bryant The Evolution of George Bryant: Former Marine, now Civilized Caveman  
015 Andrea Owen On Confidence & Courage: Andrea Owens Wants You To Kick More Ass  
016 Jonathan Bailor Eat More, Exercise Less: On the Calorie Myth  
017 ELLA Juicing 101: Ella’s Tips & Tricks For Making Green Juices At Home  
018 Blanca Cobb Strike A (POWER) Pose: Mastering Your Body Language  
019 Dr. Jade Teta Everything You Ever Needed To Hear About Food, Fat Loss & Fitness  
020 Mary Shenouda The Paleo Chef  
021 ELLA Ella’s Top Tips To Stop Mindless Eating & Shut Cravings Down  
022 Kristen Brown On Multi-Tasking, Work/Life Balance & Other Lies We Tell Ourselves  
023 Dr. Jillian Teta The Dos and Don’ts Of Detoxes & Cleanses  
024 Thai Nguyen The 3 Questions To Ask To Uncover Your Purpose  
025 Dr. Sara Solomon On Intermittent Fasting  
026 Paul Churchill Breaking The Addiction  
027 Sam Bearfoot The Digestion Detective On “The Dreaded Bloat”  
028 ELLA Don’t Be Fooled…These 5 Things AREN’T Good For You  
029 Nichole Kellerman Wurth Practicing Gratitude & Being Naked With The Lights On  
030 Dr. Amy Shah On Chronic Inflammation, Supplements & How To Feel 25 Years Old  
031 Tosca Reno Frumpy at 40, Fabulous at 56  
032 Luis Congdon Lasting Love Connections  
033 Melissa Joulwan Well Fed With Melissa + BONUS: Thyroid & Auto-Immune Tips  
034 ELLA Weird Detox Tips For Your Mind, Home & Body Bonus Episode
035 Maddy Moon Food Obsession & Disordered Eating  
036 Ben Greenfield On Increasing Testosterone & All Things Manly  
037 Gretchen Rubin Mastering The Habits Of Our Everyday Lives  
038A ELLA What Is Sexy, Bulletproof Coffee, Fasting & Where Do We Draw The Line? Q&A
038B ELLA What Is Sexy? Q&A
039 Jeff Saunders The 5 AM Miracle With Jeff Sanders  
040 Dr. Kelly Starrett On Sitting, Standing And Being Human. Like A Leopard.  
041 Mira & Jayson Calton Micronutrients: The Hidden Key to Health?  
042 Sheila Viers Binge Eating, “Not Enough-Ness” & Over-Thinking It All  
043 Dr. Veronique Desaulniers Dr. V On Breast Health & Staying Cancer-Free  
044 ELLA Surviving Hot Yoga, Primal vs Paleo, Veggies ARE Carbs Q&A
045 ELLA How To Survive A Slump  
046 Dr. Tom Nixon Are Chiropractors Quacks?  
047 Dr. Mike Okouchi Health & Wellness Tips For Even The Busiest Person Ella Interviewed
048 Sarah Jones On How To Meet Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime  
049 Tony & Alisa Di Lorenzo One (HOT!) Extraordinary Marriage  
050 ELLA What Motivates Me?  
051 Gary Collins Former Special Agent Exposes The Supplement Industry Fakes  
052 Mark Schatzker The Dorito Effect: The Most Compelling Lie Ever Told  
053 Georgie Fear Building Lean Habits  
054 ELLA Should We Eat Breakfast? Is Kale Bad For You? Dining Out For Fat Loss, Exercise While Traveling & MORE Q&A
055 Magdalena Wszelaki On Candida, Gut Health & Balancing Hormones  
056 ELLA It’s The Holiday Season  
057 Kylee Sallak Pole Fitness Is A Real Thing  
058 Georgie Fear Ella is Building Lean Habits  
059 Hannah Crum Kombucha 101 With The Kombucha Mamma  
060 Sarah Adler Seven Healthy Food Swaps, Simply Real Health  
061 Gigi Interviews Ella Listener Gigi Interviews Ella: Looking Back On 2015  
062 Magdalena Wszelaki Liver Detoxification  
063 Dr. Thomas Levy Mercury, Root Canals & Toxic Teeth  
064 Jennifer Jamieson Colon Hydrotherapy  
065 Dr. Wiggy Saunders Heavy Metal Detox  
066 Andrea Owen Rebroadcast [015]  
067 Dr. Elizabeth Plourde EMF Radiation, Cell Phones & The Truth  
068 Nadine Artemis Beauty Inside & Out  
069 ELLA Can Fiber Be Harmful? Cooked vs. Raw & The Family Sabotage… Q&A
070 Kimberly Snyder Beauty Detox Solutions  
071 Jill Coleman New Strategies To End Binge Eating Forever  
072 Tom Nixon Bone Density: The Calcium Myth & The Real Cause of Osteoporosis  
073 ELLA Q&A: Picky Eaters, Juice Cleansing & How To Drink More Water Q&A
074 Dr. Wiggy Saunders Thyroid 101  
075 Amy E. Smith How To Set Boundaries, Say No & Stop Trying To Please Everyone But You  
076 Justin Mares What’s The Big Deal About Bone Broth?  
077 Nadine Artemis Naturally Beautiful: Oral Health  
078 ELLA Q&A: Sunscreen More Harmful Than The Sun? Artificial Sweetener Alternatives? What is Flotation Therapy? Q&A
079 Jenna Elfman On Having It All (But Not All At Once)  
080 Jane Bennett The Pill, Fertility & Natural Birth Control  
081 Tony & Alisa Di Lorenzo Rebroadcast [049]  
082 ELLA I’ve Been Avoiding You.  
083 Elizabeth Benton Mastering a Change Mindset  
084 Andrea Owen SOCIAL LIFE Life Balance Wheel Series
085 ELLA & B Parenting: When The Student Has Become The Master Life Balance Wheel Series
086 ELLA Parenting Tips: What You Said Life Balance Wheel Series
087 Neen James Attention Pays Life Balance Wheel Series
088 Bonnie Kelly Uncovering the Core Beliefs That Are Running Our Lives  
089 ELLA Rebroadcast [056]  
090 Jimmy Moore The F-Word: On Fasting for Wellness & Healing Fasting for Healing
091 Aaron Anastasi Turn Your Dreams Into Your Reality. (Really.)  
092 ELLA Fasting For Wellness & Healing: Small Group Announcement! Fasting for Healing
093A ELLA Fasting Q&A (Part I): What Can I Eat? Fasting for Healing
093B ELLA Fasting Q&A (Part II): Should I Exercise? Who Should NOT Fast? Fasting for Healing
094 ELLA What 3 Days of Fasting Taught Me About Binge Eating Fasting for Healing
095 Dr. Wiggy Saunders What Is PCOS?  
096 Dr. Wiggy Saunders Chronic Lyme Disease  
097 ELLA Fasting For Healing: March 2017 Event Fasting for Healing
098 Josh Trent Wellness Technology & Conscious Living Life Balance Wheel Series
099 ELLA Collagen, Canola Oil, Beet Balls Good/Bad/Yummy
100 Meghan Telpner & Josh Gitalis Heathy at Home With Meghan & Josh  
101 ELLA Vitamins, Air Fresheners, Spaghetti Squash Good/Bad/Yummy
102 Ryan Yokome Create Your Money Breakthrough Life Balance Wheel Series
103 Elizabeth Benton Life Lessons From Shedding $130K In Debt Life Balance Wheel Series
104 ELLA Wellness Mama, Teflon, Almost Oatmeal Good/Bad/Yummy
105 Krisstina Wise Wealthy, Healthy & Happy Life Balance Wheel Series
106 ELLA Ionic Foot Detox, Salt, Avocado Pesto Good/Bad/Yummy
107 Kristi Acuna Surprising Superfoods  
108 ELLA Thermography, Splenda, Grilled Romaine Good/Bad/Yummy