“The way you eat. The way you play. The way you live. 

It’s all preparation for everything going right in your life.”

I’ve been reading and following Mary, The Paleo Chef for a while now, and she never ceases to impress me.  She is a woman of many talents, from food to business to mindset and relationships – and now she’s talking to us about her recipe for a purposeful, fulfilling life: Eat Clean, Play Often, Crush Life. 

“If you are going to assume about an outcome,

why not assume it will be brilliant?” 

What We Talk About:

  • What it means to EAT, PLAY, CRUSH
  • Paleo versus PaleYOU
  • How Mary went from a successful career in Silicon Valley to coaching and cooking for celebrities 
  • Freeze tag and roller blading – the keys to happiness?
  • That time Mary ate an entire lasagna and…nothing. She just ate it.
  • 5 Steps to Power: Balance, Intention, Manifestation, Freedom, Self-Mastery 
  • Life is short and precious. Let’s make the most of it, shall we?

 Resources Mentioned:

  • Mary’s 5-Step Guide to Power & Self-Mastery  – Get it
  • THE “Phat Fudge” Recipe (I love this stuff!) – Make it
  • Dr Terry Wahls “Minding Your Mitochondria” TED Talk Watch it
  • For daily #eatplaycrush inspiration and motivation, follow @paleochef on Instagram and Twitter
Phat Fudge

Mary’s Phat Fudge

Mary’s “ONE HABIT” to try for a week: Create a powerful, consistent morning routine that includes a moment of gratitude. Check out my interview with Hal Elrod for the full story on this powerful practice. 

Mary’s “ONE RESOURCE” that she recommends to us: Ok, there are 3…and they’re awesome:

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Mary hearts Bacon

Mary Hearts Bacon

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