If you’re buying or receiving gifts this holiday season, why not make it an opportunity to live better, look better and feel better in 2015? I put together some occasionally weird, but great gift ideas for your wish list or for those who are lucky enough to be on your shopping list this year. In my next post, I’ll share some bigger budget items, but all of these are under $40! You can click on any of the blue text to go right to the item. Happy shopping!

Gifts Under $40

CiDoss Portable Tripod & Remote for Mobile Phones: This is a MUCH better tool than a scale for measuring your fitness progress! Grab some video of your next push-up challenge, take your “before and after” pictures, and stay motivated by watching your own progress. This has a wide-angle lens and remote control for those family photos, too!

Kettle Bell: Warning! If you buy one of these and learn how to use it, you will never have an excuse for not working out again. 10 minutes of proper kettle bell exercises – in your own home – is a workout, friends! These come in lots of fun colors, too.

Acupressure Mat: This thing is crazy – your own bed of nails. It helps with back relief and, oddly, SLEEP! Read all about it on Amazon before you buy. It’s not for everyone, but I really like mine. 

Foam Roller: Give your legs and back a deep tissue massage, when there’s no massage therapist around! This is a must for runners and cyclists, and helpful for anyone looking to loosen IT bands and relieve back tightness.

 Here are some more budget-friendly ideas – for the kitchen:

Gifts Under $25

Looking for small gifts to stuff those stockings, treat your neighbor or the kids’ teachers? Try these: 

Books! Who doesn’t love a great book? You can see my favorites (with a blurb from me on each), right here

Ice Pop Maker Molds: Make your own treats! Fill with smoothies or your homemade juices and feel like a kid again!

Sea Scrub Facial:

I have no idea if my face loves the all-natural “kelp and chlorella growth factor” that this scrub has going on. For all I know, it’s unicorn tears and rainbow crops. But, it works, and makes a nice stocking stuffer.

Beauty Kit: Make your own “natural beauty” gift basket. You can include things like this clay mask, mask application kit, natural oils & dry skin brush…All of these items and more are listed in the On Air with Ella Amazon store.

Go into 2015 GLOWING! 

Next post….Gifts over $100.

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