I’ve shared a lot of smoothie ideas on my Facebook page, because smoothies and shakes are a very quick and easy way to get a lot of nutrition, and you need exactly zero skill and barely any time to make a good one. They’re also much easier on your digestive system than a traditional meal, so they give your body a little break.

This is my own go-to smoothie. It tastes like a chocolate, cherry, peanut butter shake, and I am obsessed with it. Not only does it make me feel full, it provides all kinds of nutrients that I might not get otherwise.

I’ll have this anytime of day – breakfast, snack, lunch – even at night if I’ve had an early or light dinner.

I use a lot of ingredients, because I LIKE TO FEEL FULL, friends, and this does the job! It’s super easy once you have the ingredients on hand – I’ve put most of them in our Amazon store so you can assemble your own.

 Ella’s Go-To Powerhouse Smoothie:

**Feb 2015 UPDATE** I have switched protein powders – details below


 A little detail on the ingredients:

  • FRUIT: optional; if you’re trying to lost weight right now, reduce or skip on occasion. Fresh or frozen works. Costco has huge bags of organic berries and cherries – much cheaper than the grocery stores. Stick to organic here (conventional berries are smothered in pesticides).
  • PROTEIN POWDER: everyone has their fave. I like this brand because whey protein makes me look 4 months pregnant 5 minutes after I drink it. The flavor is mild enough that I can mix it with all of these other ingredients and it tastes amazing. **UPDATE** I still like Sunwarrior but I LOVE Plant Fusion….I’ve added a link below to this – try vanilla or chocolate 
  • SEEDS: I rotate between hemp, chia and flax seeds because they’re a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids and they contain protein and fiber, so they contribute to the “make you feel full” factor.
  • PB2 – disclaimer: this is not the cleanest item in my pantry. I don’t use it every day, but it is SO VERY GOOD, that I keep it around. This is basically dehydrated peanuts that are pressed to remove most of the oil. The resulting powder has only 15% of the calories of peanut butter. I do consider this a bit of a treat, but come on! Let’s live a little 🙂
  • RAW SPINACH: You can plop 2 large handfuls of spinach into almost any smoothie, and you will not taste it. Other greens, not so much. They just don’t disappear as easily. Kale, for example, is not easy to mask because it’s bitter. Try the spinach! Go with organic raw spinach because conventional spinach is really dirty with pesticides, and do not use frozen – it won’t “disappear” like raw will.
  • COLLAGEN/GELATIN: you can certainly skip this. I always add this because I don’t eat meat and I need the protein and other numerous nutrients that this provides (it is from animal sources). I love this Great Lakes brand because it’s very high quality. One canister lasts for months. For more on the benefits of collagen/gelatin, read this or this.  [TIP: add this ingredient last, and don’t pulverize it]

“Tools” Note: I use a high-powered blender. It was worth the investment. If you are working with a standard blender, you may need to experiment by adding the seeds and spinach more slowly and in small amounts to ensure you can blend it all up. The result should be a very creamy, deliciously filling smoothie. Enjoy! 


The quest for the best, clean protein continues, and led me to this one – Plant Fusion:

Want more inspiration? Check out my pal Carrie Brown’s book: Eat Smarter! Smoothies and Sides

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