Even when he was falling, he was falling forward. Hear how George keeps getting up, and where that strength has led him today.

George Bryant is the New York Times Best-Selling author of The Paleo Kitchen, and creator of the wildly popular paleo food blog Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations (2 million hits a month!). 

But life wasn’t always so rosy for George.

After spending the first 20-something years of his life in a constant battle with his weight, hiding an eating disorder and suffering multiple physical traumas (including nearly losing both legs while on deployment in Somalia as a US Marine), George took matters into his own hands and began his own wellness journey.

After 12 years of service as a Marine, George now works fulltime creating delicious Paleo recipes, while hoping to change as many lives for the better by making real food recipes simple and tasty. He’s also a professional family man and author.

Get his crazy good book here, and listen in for the story of George’s challenges, triumph, and continued work in progress. 


George’s “ONE HABIT” to try for a week: Cook and enjoy one real meal every day this week.

George’s “ONE RESOURCE” that he recommends to us: The Headspace App

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