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Remember when I interviewed Bonnie Kelly in episode 088?

She wrote the book, True to Your Core: Uncovering the Subconscious Beliefs that Wreak Havoc on Your Life and her episode On Air with Ella resulted in an absolute deluge of emails from you guys. Apparently, it really resonated.

Well, Bonnie and I clicked, too. You know when that happens? You meet someone even briefly and you’re like, YES. WE ARE NOW BFFs. (Ok, maybe that’s a bit much, but I immediately loved this chick and all that she stood for.)

So now, we’re working together.

You would never guess without hearing her story, but Bonnie had a life filled with addiction, betrayal from those she trusted most and abuse of every sort. For the first 2 decades of her life, she knew  suffering & misery beyond the pale. It’s all detailed in that book she wrote, and it blew me away that she could rebound from those experiences.

Bonnie is 100% a completely new person now. You would NEVER know what she’s been through if she weren’t so open about it. HOW DID SHE DO THAT??

It’s not a secret. When she awakened to how she was participating in her own suffering, everything began to change for her. Bonnie is VERY clear that before she could truly transform, she had to take emotional responsibility for her thoughts, feeling, actions, reactions (and inactions!). She learned to challenge her every perception, her limiting beliefs and assumptions (damn those assumptions! such dangerous creatures!).

Can you relate? If you are anything like me, Bonnie, and so many of us in this community, you want the whole inner-peace thing, the steadfastness of trusting yourself, the calm that comes with knowing who you are and what you’re truly capable of.  Or more bluntly, you want to shut that negative voice in your head DOWN. Like, now. Forever….

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