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Speaking and Events

I work with individuals, with groups and with select businesses to help them determine what – specifically – success looks like for them and how they’re going to get there.

As host of the On Air with Ella show, I talk to experts in mindset and personal development, wellness, nutrition and health who can help us move toward BETTER in our own lives. As a motivational & educational speaker, I love to inspire, but I really love to take in one step further to ACTION.

My Keynotes and Workshops include:

  • You Don’t Belong Here: Defeating Imposter Syndrome
  • 7 Things Nobody will Tell You About Being an Entrepreneur
  • On Confidence & Showing Up
  • Work / Life Balance & Other Unicorns
  • See It, Own It, Do It: 3 Radical Steps Toward Transformation

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Upcoming Events


Sean Croxton’s B-School Workshop

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT September 2-3, 2017 @ San Diego, CA  Sean Croxton’s B-School Workshop. Speakers include Jake Ducey, Christine Hassler, David Sinick of Paleo Hacks, Ella & Sean Croxton. NOW...

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Live Events: October-November 2017

  Meet Me! New York, NY October 11: Meet me in NYC for a totally casual after work get together, Wednesday, Oct. 11. I'll determine a location after getting your RSVPs.   Or...join me Nov 3-4, 2017 in Boston, MA at Elizabeth Benton's Ascend...

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