About Ella

Hi, I’m Ella 

If you’ve ventured over here, you probably want to know a little bit more about where I come from, what I do and why. 

My Background

My professional background is in business, entrepreneurship and owning and running different businesses over the past 17 years. I love creating value for myself and others. If you are curious about my professional background, you can get that here.

My wellness journey is a lot more complicated! Like you, I have tried so many things on my way to trying to find what works for me, what doesn’t, and how I want to live, feel, eat and show up in this world.

What Am I About?

No matter what the context, I am totally on fire for helping you live out your fullest life. (So is everybody else, right?) There are 1 bijillion different people and resources out there to help you find THE THING THAT WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY. Except, wait. If that’s true, why aren’t we all balls of profound joy ALL THE DAYS? 


It’s because we’re not designed that way. We are beautiful, amazing, utterly powerful creatures, and we are designed to live complex, beautiful, challenging lives. (No offense, Instagram, but it’s not all sunshine and artfully placed roses all the time.) 


Now Tell Me About YOU

Connect with me here, and on the platforms I use personally: Facebook, Instagram & Twitter







No matter where you are, no matter what circumstances you might find yourself in right now (mind, body or spirit), YOU ARE EXTRAORDINARY. You can do AMAZING, BRILLIANT things. You have SO MUCH MORE to offer. You can have CONFIDENCE and VITALITY. You can move through this life with POWER and let that light SHINE, baby. 

To me, the secret is in the baby steps. It’s in taking action EVERY SINGLE DAY toward BETTER. (Note that I did not say PERFECT. Perfect is hilarious. Perfect belongs on Pinterest, but not in real life. Perfect is as much a myth as “work life balance.”) 


Let’s determine success AS YOU DEFINE IT, and let’s work toward that success in big and small ways every damn day. Because we have that power. 

What I do

I work with individuals, with groups and with select businesses to help them determine what – specifically – success looks like for them and how they’re going to get there.

I am host of the On Air with Ella show. I talk to experts in mindset and personal development, wellness, nutrition and health who can help us move toward BETTER in our own lives.

I am an motivational & educational speaker (I love to inspire, but I really love to take in once step further to ACTION).

My Keynotes and Workshops include:

  • You Don’t Belong Here: Defeating Imposter Syndrome
  • 7 Things Nobody will Tell You About Being an Entrepreneur
  • On Confidence & Showing Up
  • Work / Life Balance & Other Unicorns
  • See It, Own It, Do It: 3 Radical Steps Toward Transformation

I am a mom, a wife, a part-time triathlete and a lover of life, challenge and travel. I am hugely grateful and almost always caffeinated. 

That’s the short version. 

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