Can technology contribute to our wellness? 

Josh Trent and I go deep into a variety of protocols that I’ve never discussed on the show before. Some of the things we cover: 

  • Josh’s story of transformation (and his journey continues)
  • How to use technology as a “dashboard” for healthy living, especially for sleep, nutrition, hydration, and movement
  • Why he considers wellness technology a “mirror of mindfulness” for emotional and physical habits

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Resources Mentioned:

 Connect with Josh

Josh Trent is a podcast host, wellness coach, and founder of By drawing from wellness technology as part of an integrative life practice, and with over 12 years in the health and wellness industry, his vision is to empower greater wellness in over one million lives through technology and emotion. From now until March 14, 2017 Josh is giving away more than $2000 in goodies to his listeners. Join in the fun here.

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