Note: I am not a doctor. I am not a health practitioner. I’m a self-experimenting lay-person sharing my experiences and NOT determining yours. OK? Please talk to your medical practitioner before engaging in any major changes in fitness, fasting or feeding.

Fasting for Healing: Elizabeth Benton & I Get Crazy

Is it true that you should eat every few hours to keep your metabolism from slowing down?

If you fast, are you setting yourself up to lose muscle?

Get ready for some serious myth-busting today!

In this episode, we’re tackling those questions and announcing a special Primal Potential & On Air with Ella adventure!

We talk about fasting and the health & hormonal response created by extended fasting protocols, plus:

  • concerns about crash dieting
  • the physiological response to fasting
  • who should not fast
  • who might want to consider an extended fast
  • anti-aging benefits of fasting
  • body composition impact of fasting
  • our March 2017 group fasting adventure

If you want to join us (or just cyber-stalk our week-long fast), click the button below to get on the dedicated email list. We also have a private Facebook group for anyone who wants to join.

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Primal Potential – Understanding Fat Loss

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  • I will be using my Mag07 nightly during the fast to help (gently!) flush toxins from my GI tract:


xxoo Ella 

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