Note: I am not a doctor. I am not a health practitioner. I’m a self-experimenting lay-person sharing my experiences and NOT determining yours. OK? Please talk to your medical practitioner before engaging in any major changes in fitness, fasting or feeding.

Fasting for Wellness: Q&A Part II

Read Part I of this Q&A here.

Ditch that “all or nothing” mentality and aim for BETTER THAN BEFORE!

  • Should we exercise while fasting? For Intermittent Fasting most experts say yes, but for water fasting, that’s a no. Walk, stretch and move, but don’t over exert yourself with training.
  • Is fasting different / better for men than women? The jury is out, and the topic is hotly debated. Here’s a good summary of the issues
  • Even more Q&A can be found here, with great insight from Primal Living expert Mark Sisson.
  • As mentioned (again), I will be using my Mag07 nightly during the fast to help (gently!) flush toxins from my GI tract:


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