Relationships Matter.

Andrea Owen is a Certified Life Coach and author of 52 Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life. She is also the creator of the Your Kick Ass Life blog and podcast. But, she’s also my friend (and she is a really good one), so I’ve asked her to come on and talk to us about developing the SOCIAL LIFE slice of our Life Balance Wheel

This is the 2nd episode in our new series that we kicked off in episode 082

Andrea Owen

Andrea Owen

What we talk about in this show:

  • I’m not a high scorer in this slice of the pie! You’ll hear why.
  • Why do friendship relationships matter? Andrea has some thoughts, and shares some research 
  • How to break up with a friend when it’s not working anymore
  • The main ways women screw up friendships
  • How to find your people
  • Apparently I have trust and intimacy issues. Andrea busts me for that, naturally. 

Other Resources:

  • Andrea was my guest on episode 015, where she talks all about conquering insecurity and shame to live a kick ass life. You can read the backstory of why and when Andrea decided to change her life, here. Part two of that story is here.
  • I did an entire episode on how to meet and attract people  with Sarah Jones
  • Andrea mentions Shasta NelsonDon’t worry, I’ve already invited Shasta to be on the show 🙂
  • Get Andrea’s book for immediate kick-assery:

How to Participate in this Free Series:

Life Balance Wheel

  1. Download/print your  Life Balance Wheel Worksheet
  2. Fill it out for where you are TODAY (not where you want to be…yet)
  3. I would love for you to share with me where you are: what are you “high” in, where are you “low?”…what are your biggest struggles? You can answer this 3 question survey.

What you said…

Here are some of your own responses to the survey question “What are you struggling with in this area? Where are you thriving?”

  • I am a 30yr old workaholic who works every day/night (including weekends) to achieve my dream. I know I don’t hang out with friends much. I am living by myself in a different city away from my parents and family. I know I need to go out more but it IS really a mental challenge for not working towards my dream.
  • I don’t have enough friends
  • I neither have a romantic relationship, nor any close friends. I have trouble showing them the real me, because that makes me vulnerable and I’m scared.
  • I’m 24, and it seems like everyone my age is determined to party their way through their 20s. I used to like to go out, drink, and stay up until the wee hours in college, but I feel like that sort of behavior is completely not conducive to my current identity, values, and lifestyle. It seems like in order to have a social life, I need to be someone I’m not and to sacrifice values and practices that make me incredibly happy and fulfilled. I try to be true to myself and do the things that make me happy, but I find myself pretending to enjoy the bar scene or over-drinking in order to maintain friendships. It doesn’t make me happy to do these things, but I often feel like I have no choice.
  • My husband isn’t very social–he rarely makes plans with people, so it often feels like I am abandoning him when I make plans to be with friends. Over the last 17 years, I have not put much effort into friendships and social life as a result.
  • I am approaching 50 and it seems like the social landscapes of relationships with friends/other families changes – would love to hear something on forming new friendships midlife.
  • Volunteering has helped me with making friends and having an active social life. I teach yoga on a volunteer basis, I’m active in our homeowner’s association, I volunteer regularly at the homeless shelter, and I’m active in our church.

What about YOU?

xoxo Ella

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