082 – I’ve Been Avoiding You.

082: I've been avoiding you

Welcome to a New Season!

This episode is all about where I’ve been, why I’ve been avoiding you (!!), and where we are going together… 

But, before we talk, download this worksheet right here: Life Balance Wheel Worksheet

Life Balance Wheel

Our Homework:

  • Download/print your worksheet
  • Fill it out for where you are TODAY (not where you want to be…yet)
  • Share with me where you are: what are you “high” in, where are you “low?”…what are your biggest struggles? You can answer this 3 question survey – it’s easier than email!

I can’t wait to talk through each of these segments with you. We’ll hear from guests on some, just you and me on others….send your input in so I can design around what YOU need. I can’t wait!!!

xoxo Ella

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  1. Karen

    Ella, I’ve missed you! I’ve been wondering where you were, but I totally understand. I’ve been going through a bit of the same thing myself. I almost starting laughing when you said you deleted all of the podcasts off your device –I did the same thing (except yours)! Glad you’re back and I’m looking forward to your new attitude!