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Dr. Tom Nixon is back. If you missed his first episode, you can check it out here. This time, I asked him to come on the show to share some new insights on how we can slow the aging process, maintain bone density and stand tall! ๐Ÿ™‚

What osteoporosis looks like

What We Talk About:

  • What are osteoporosis, osteopenia and what are the true causes? (hint: Itโ€™s not old age!)
  • Menopause, hormones and the estrogen connection to bone density
  • The Calcium Myth
  • The dangers of calcium supplements
    • Avoid “calcium carbonate”
    • The link between calcium supplementation and bone fractures, arterial sclerosis and strokes
    • If you opt for supplements, look for “calcium citrate” and a hybrid of Vitamin D3 
    • You can get plenty of calcium through food!
  • Food sources of calcium: chia seeds, sesame seeds, almonds, leafy greens and my fave tahini. Click on the image to see more…

calcium foods

  • Vitamin D3 sources: sunlight and supplements (note: Vitamin D2 is NOT the same thing!)
    • “Test Don’t Guess”  – getting a D3 blood test is easy – aim for the 70-90 range in D3 levels for optimal health
  • Vitamin K sources: click to see this list of foods rich in Vitamin K (and click on the image below to see even more):


  • Foods that harm bone density: sugar, all sodas (they leach phorphorus out of your bones!) and bread
  • The fat soluble vitamins are Vitamins A, D, E, K – for best absorption, consume these with dietary fats like coconut oil or a fish oil supplement 
  • We talk about probiotics, too. Dr. Tom prefers to get his from food – he opts for sauerkraut, and I love kimchi and kombucha ๐Ÿ˜‰

Resources Mentioned:

    • Dr. Tom’s Vitamin D can be purchased within the US and Canada right here, and here’s a solid source for global shipping
    • Dr. Josh Axe’s probiotics and this comprehensive write up on natural and supplemental sources of probiotics (great read!)
    • Check out this study for the link between Calcium/Vit D3 supplements and arterial calcification 
    • Curcumin – I can’t say it, but I take it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here’s Dr. Nixon’s brand, called “Daily Defense,” and if you need it to shop globally, try the one that Dr. Vita Labs recommend on its site:

  • Bone broth – best when made at home or sourced from a local farm, but if you buy it off the shelf, try this brand 


About Dr Tom 

Dr. Tom Nixon

Dr. Tom Nixon is part of a movement to help transform the health of people through his 5 key essentials: an empowered mindset, corrective chiropractic care, quality nutrition, exercise, and minimized toxicity. 

Dr. Tom is dedicated to transforming the health of families in his community through his practice Twin City Health & Maximized LivingMaximized Living is most well-known for being the official chiropractic and performance team for Olympic Governing Bodies and their athletes to achieve optimal performance. Find a Maximized Living Doctor in the US here

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