The Time I Turned the Mic Around

Many moons ago, I issued a challenge: will you interview me? Long-time listener Gigi accepted. Listen to her ask me the questions that she compiled from you, plus some surprises that she threw in [spoiler alert: she made me cry]. We get a little silly, a little emotional, and, as always, we have a lot of fun.

What We Talk About 

    • How do I eat “mostly-vegetarian paleo-ish?”
    • What is my story? What successes and failures led me to where I am right now?
    • Which episodes from 2015 are the most impactful for me?
    • What makes me tear up? Every. Time. 
    • What do I value? 
    • What is my general philosophy on food, fitness and mindset? 

Episodes Mentioned

Here are some of the episodes that we reference – go back and take another listen!

About Gigi

Gigi & her fiancé Josh

Gigi & her Fiancé Josh 

  • Gigi is on a mission to bring Naturopathic providers to US Military Veterans. You can show support for Veterans and urge your Representative to sign a letter that will go the Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, encouraging the VA to increase veterans’ access to naturopathic physicians.
  • See the letter here and read this great article from Huffington Post if you want to learn more
  • Join the Veterans Right to Naturopathic Medicine community here
  • Join the SCNM-Student Veterans of America Facebook Page to continue the discussion
  • Follow Gigi’s amazing journey, in her own words, of “liberating forgiveness, self-discovery, unconditional love, freedom and naturopathic medicine” in her Wellness Warrior blog

And For Next Time…

Send me your questions for my next Q&A episode. You can connect with me here, or leave a voicemail. For real! Just click on that button over there on the right – the one that says -> RECORD A MESSAGE.


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