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Sarah Adler, creator of Simply Real Health shares 7 easy food swaps to make today for a healthier New Year. 

Resources Mentioned

    • A BUNCH of overnight oats recipes, and then how about some more here (note: if you feel like the oats are too crunchy, allow it to sit at room temperature for a while)
    • Sarah’s Apple Cinnamon Morning Quinoa recipe 
    • How to Make Your Own Dressing (and why you want to!)
    • What’s in your sandwich bread?
    • Bonus! 7 MORE easy real food swaps:
      • reece’s/candy –> real dark chocolate with real peanut butter
      • ice cream/chocolate at night —> dates with peanut butter (better for sleep!)
      • cereal –> own mix of chopped nuts, seeds, dried fruit (toast the nuts for extra flavor)
      • nonfat yogurt —> whole milk greek yogurt with real fruit
      • sandwich for lunch —> huge salad or a massive smoothie
      • mayonaise —-> avocado
      • gum/mints ——> more water! (try mint leaves in water, too)
    • Check out Sarah’s video on the 6 healthy foods to stop eating now
    • Sarah’s ONE HABIT to try for a week: cook your veggies in some butter and make your own salad dressing! here’s how
    • Sarah’s ONE RESOURCE that she’s loving right now: Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul

About Sarah

Sarah Adler

Sarah Adler

  • Sarah Adler is a nutrition coach, food blogger and real food lover. Sarah created Simply Real Health with a serious mission to help more people live a healthy daily lifestyle. With good [read: beautiful-looking + delicious-tasting] food made simple enough for real life, so that they can feel better, have a happier relationship to food, and free up their life for the things that matter most.
  • Sarah’s philosophy to a better lifestyle is simple: first, to help people identify what healthy food actually is (by simplifying the hundreds of misconceptions and conflicting information out there), and second, to help them apply it to real life in a way that is both sustainable and more joyful in the long haul. Through her programs and services, Sarah teaches a more tangible, hip + modern approach to a healthy life. With chocolate. And happy hour.
  • Check out Sarah’s gorgeous cookbook The Simply Real Health Cookbook: Easy Real Food Recipes For a Healthy Life, Made Simple

Let me know what swaps are working for you! 



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