This is PART TWO of Episode 053 with Georgie Fear 

You’ll want to start with episode 053 – my original interview with Georgie – if you haven’t heard it already, and then listen in here on my personal coaching call with Georgie. In this call, I’m still working on Habit #1 and 2, and I’m still struggling!

Lean Habit #1 – Eat 3-4 meals a day (without snacking)

Lean Habit #2 – Master Your Hunger

Lean Habit #3 – Eat Just Enough

Lean Habit #4 – Eat Mostly Whole Foods

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Listener Feedback

Emily S. wrote me after episode 053, and had this to say:

I was SO excited to see that you brought on Georgie! I’m in the mental health profession (therapist in training) in addition to being a personal trainer, and I’ve found that peeling back the layers of the process of how to attain good health–i.e., focusing on habits rather than outcomes–has been refreshing both for myself and my clients. 
Georgie was my coach 4 years ago, and when I started working with her I was working out 1-2 hrs per day plus trying to eat 5-6 meals per day…but bingeing at least a couple times a week. (I’d joke that I was a very healthy eater…except when I binged. ;). Georgie blew my mind when she advised me to eat THREE meals per day and cut down my exercise time to about 30 min per day. I’ve been doing those habits ever since (exercise sometimes goes up to an hour, but NEVER more). The immediate result (the thing that blew my mind) was that my hunger and eating were much more controllable. I found myself getting giddy about being able to actually feel full after a meal, and I realized how much I hated eating like a bird all throughout the day. I also loved feeling true hunger, not the semi-ravenous or ravenous state I walked around in all the time (which eventually triggered my binges). Another great result was that I lost my baby weight (20 lbs), which I had been trying to punish myself into losing for 4 years.
I’m also applying “habit” principles in my effort to completely abolish my binge behavior. Several months ago I was bingeing about once a month, always after an emotional or exhausting experience. So I’ve been working on tuning into my body, my feelings, noticing the binge urge, then recognizing it a nothing more than “brain junk” that I don’t have to act on, and choosing to nurture myself in other ways. 
Anyway, thanks!! I appreciate the work you do. I’ve listened to MANY health/fitness podcasts over the years, and yours is the only one that’s still on my playlist–most of them get too set on their own way of doing things/seeing things that I start to feel like I need to conform–and then I realize that I’m not broken!!  – Emily M.

So, I do hope that this is helpful, and maybe meeting some of you where you are right now.

Here’s the link again: Ella Exclusive 

xxoo Ella

Georgie Fear

Georgie Fear

About Georgie Fear

Georgie Fear is a registered dietitian and board certified sports nutrition specialist. An expert in appetite regulation and habit-based nutrition, Georgie has been coaching clients for 10 years to adopt healthy thoughts and behaviors around food that become automatic. Tune in to hear how I am beginning Georgie’s Lean Habits protocol.  And, if you want to follow along, you can grab her book: Lean Habits For Lifelong Weight Loss: Mastering 4 Core Eating Behaviors to Stay Slim Forever


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