“Processed food doesn’t contain the food that it is pretending to be.” – Mark Schatzker

In his most recent book The Dorito Effect, best-selling author and food journalist Mark Schatker says “the cause of our food problem will not be found in individual nutrients.” Rather, it’s flavor,  and its impact on human behavior (namely, eating), that has changed dramatically and led us so very far away from nutritional wisdom (something that used to be innate) to our current blazing path toward obesity, diabetes and chronic disease. He’s talking to us about how this underestimated component is demonstrated perfectly in what he’s dubbed “the Dorito effect.”

Modern food may be the most compelling lie ever told. 

What We Talk About:

  • How the Dorito became the metaphor for modern food 
  • Why we won’t solve our eating problem until we understand the role of flavor and human behavior
  • Food addiction is not fun. How even rats can come to rely on their next “hit.”
  • “Natural flavor” = artificial flavorings, and they’re in your pantry, your fridge, your freezer and nearly ever restaurant in existence 
  • What manufacturers to do everything from packaged foods to plain chicken breasts to cigarettes so that you’ll crave them more (it’s not pretty)
  • The role artificial flavors play in metabolic confusion…and weight gain
  • Why is this even a problem? Why we eat far more than we need to and what to do about it
  • So, what’s the solution?

Nothing tastes like what it is anymore. Everything tastes like what we want it to be.

 Additional Resources:

  • Mark’s “ONE HABIT” to try for one week: read the ingredients! Don’t just look for sugar and calories – look for “natural” and artificial flavors
  • Mark’s “ONE RESOURCE” he recommends: the Internet (you’re going to have to listen for yourself ;-))
  • Connect with Mark – on Facebook, Twitter, or right here in the comments – he promises to answer your questions!
  • Get the book that made me rethink everything about the food that I buy. (Dammit.)

Real flavor is our salvation.

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