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Tune in for my most candid episode EVER.

I admit it. I am busting out of a slump right now. So, how do I survive a slump, and how do I get out of it?

Some tips that I share include:

  1. Be careful with your language. Your language represents the story you’re telling yourself. Your story drives your actions.
  2. Change your state to change your story. 
  3. See things as they really are, but not worse. 
  4. Define what better looks like. Be specific.
  5. Create an action for TODAY around that.
    1. Remember: consistency is more important than duration or intensity
    2. Write down what you eat
    3. WALK. Every. Single. Day.
    4. Problems need energy to live. Put your energy into the solution.
    5. Learn from others! hint: this Tony Robbins guy know what he’s talking about 🙂

Watch this & bust that slump! 

So how do YOU survive a slump? How do YOU bust out of it? 

Send me a voicemail or email and let me know 🙂



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