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  • Do you Intermittent Fast?
    • If you practice IF do you have to track macros to get results?
    • If I fast 16 or 20 hrs everyday, but eat all my calories in 1 or 2 big meals, will my stomach get big (vs eating smaller morals more frequently)?
    • Want More? Listen to this episode with Dr. Sara1 Solomon
  • My husband works night shift – what would be the best way for him to eat to ensure his insulin levels aren’t spiked and his energy levels are maintained, and basically how can I help him get healthier?
  • Where do we draw the line? With all the clean eating and detoxing media messages, there seems to be a universal statement: “Eliminate processed foods.” But what does that mean? Are all packaged foods bad?
  • There are a lot of conflicting messages in the wellness world from people that are highly respected. Who do we believe?
  • Do you always drink bulletproof coffee and does it replace breakfast

And I asked YOU… 


Your responses were amazing, and I am sharing them in part two – that’s Episode 038B. You can listen here, or in iTunes!

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